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    -Spawn in rivers and/or swamps depending on the variant, they spawn inside pickerelweed and are extremely rare outside of it, so it's a good idea to grow a load of pickerelweed in those biomes
    -Bucketable, the bucket texture changes based on the variant

    -Can be fished up anywhere and cooked
    -Food values of beef/steak

    -Likes pickerelweed, and will hide in it
    -Other fish are scared of them and will swim away, but cannot detect them in pickerelweed
    -Will jump out of pickerelweed, pulling other fish in and killing them or killing them on the spot if no pickerelweed is nearby
    -Can have fishing loot (minus the fish, since they just eat that) in their mouth, which they don’t drop on death, but will spit out when they get a fish
    -Pick up any other item, which they will drop on death, unlike fishing loot they spawn with
    -Will fight other pike over fish

    -Variants are listed below:

    1- amur pike, spawns in swamps exclusively, small

    2- redfin pickerel, spawns in rivers and swamps but is a semi rare spawn, small

    3- brown northern pike, spawns in rivers and swamps

    4- mahogany northern pike, like brown, but rarer

    5- jade northern pike, like mahogany, but rarer

    6- olive northern pike, like jade, but rarer

    7- spectral pike, like olive, but much much rarer, this is essentially the trophy fish, it has glowing eyes and eats the souls of salmon

    8- spotted brown northern pike, has a 1/5 chance of replacing its normal variant

    9- mahogany northern pike, has a 1/5 chance of replacing its normal variant

    10- jade northern pike, has a 1/5 chance of replacing its normal variant

    11- olive northern pike, has a 1/5 chance of replacing its normal variant


     -Found where water borders land, or in shallow pools of water, in any biome that isn’t icy, or a desert. Blue is more common the colder a biome is, with purple appearing more in warmer biomes, it’s much more common in river and swamp biomes. Also appears as loot in shipwreck supply chests and fishing junk in swamps and rivers.

     -Can be waterlogged or placed on land, and is animated when waterlogged

     -Comes in purple and blue, short and tall

     -Slows entities that move through it down

     -Works in flower pots

     -Can be composted

     -Can be turned into cyan and purple dye

     -Can be cooked, boiled pickerelweed provides no saturation but will restore bubbles when eaten, one has more hunger shanks, whereas the other has more bubbles

     -Short pickerelweed will grow while waterlogged, if there is an air block above

     -Bonemealing the short one makes it grow into the tall one, bonemealing the tall one makes it spread

---Turtle Shell:

     -Now gives infinite water breathing, but wears away in water (1 durability every 2 seconds), durability is displayed instead of bubbles, this is effected by unbreaking and works with mending

Tweaks/Bug Fixes

-Ported to 1.14.4
-Nautiluses now spawn properly

-Bedroll recipe now allows wool on the left

-Fixed cyan bedroll being uncraftable

-Elder Prismarine Coral now glows

-Ammonite furnace exp is more consistent with vanilla ores

-Vanilla loot table tweaks are now injections, so they shouldn’t break other mods

-Wall coral fans now drop properly