Dev Note : This is an old mod so i'm only keeping it online for the BetterMC+ 1.16.5 Modpack. No rework planned and no update except possible huge issues. If you get a crash issue, try to turn your sound off. The 1.18 version isn't and won't be updated of fixed





"If you're not careful and escape reality in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the void, where there's nothing but the smell of rotting old fruit, the madness of the black sky, endless background noise at maximum, and about six hundred million square miles of empty space. God save you if you hear something wandering around, because he certainly heard you."

Into the Void adds a new dimension behind bedrock, fulfill with new monsters, structures and items !


Getting Started

The mod uses gas sealing mechanics as its core. It allows you to get different gases depending on the world you are in. For this you need an oxygen sealer, and to put an empty bottle and a slimeball inside. Putting foliage above the machine speeds up the process. Each world (except the end where there is no oxygen - wait what-) will give you an unique Gas

The Gases

- Oxygen (Overworld Gas) : Allows you to fill your bar with air underwater (I wanted to add some kind of air tanks to breathe underwater but they are working on the sea floor so I won't step on their toes). The oxygen also turns into liquid oxygen at layer 200.

- Nether Gas : It is highly flammable and explosive. Drinking it gives a "combustible" effect. Putting it in an alambic with a nether wart creates a potion of combustible.

- Void Air (Void Gas) : Place a "null" block, which allows to switch dimension between overworld and void. (1.16.5 FIX ONLY : Can be destroyed by right clicking a null block with another gas bottle. Placing and removing it generate a huge explosion)

- Liquid Oxygen : Allows to place snow layers. Transform bedrock into weak bedrock, a breakable version of bedrock.


-- The Void --
Remember to take a balloon or a slow falling potion, because you're always falling when entering or going out of the Void !

They are 2 ways to access the void.

- Entering a portal block (null block, which is placed using a void air bottle) but ostensible only in the void
- Jumping into the void in the overworld or the end (Because nobody goes behind nether's bedrock :o)
To get out, you can use a null block, or jump behind bedrock into the void. You get it by going above Y200 with an oxygen bottle.
If you're stuck in the dimension, don't forget there is still a way to escape (1.16.5 FIX ONLY) ! You can mine some void stone, find iron / redstone / slime / bottles in structure chests or get redstone from parasites and slime balls from Servants of the Keepers. Once you get these materials, you can craft an oxygen extractor and use a bottle + a slime ball to get Void Air. You can place Void Air to create a Null Block, a portal between the Void and the Overworld (it will teleport you high in the sky of the overworld, you need a bucket, a ballon, a slow falling potion or to be lucky enough to fall on a mountain or ocean.

Structures and Vegetation

- Void Tree : A fruit tree, the fruits are harvested by hand with a right click, it also works by breaking the leaves but it can make a parasite appear.

- Fallen explorer camp with a piece of bedrock : A woolen tent with a bed and a crafting table. The wood of the void doesn't allow you to craft a crafting table, so this is the only way to get one in the dimension if you didn't bring your own. The structure is very rare so it's better to be prepared.

- Ruined house : A small structure made of brick and wood from the void. It contains a bed with a chest that can contain various items of the mod and enchanted books.

- Boss Arena: A relatively rare structure, there is in its center a block with orange corners. Clicking on it summons the boss and his servants.


- Void Inhabitant : Defends itself if attacked. He becomes invisible from time to time and during this time he becomes extremely fast, so it is hard to flee.

- Withered Allay : Aggressive, an Allay but wither version. Attacks with a wither spit.

- Parasite : Can appear during the boss fight and when you break fruit leaves, but also spawns like the other mobs. When it bites a player who doesn't already have it, the player gets a Void Parasite effect.


- Shadow Golem : The mod's pet, harmless to the player. You can tame it with distorted fruits. It uses almost the same attack as the Withered Allay


- Servants of the Keeper : They spawn when the boss appears, launch fast attacks (a white ray) and buff the boss if he is next to it. You can see it with the boss particles, if they are grey then he is weaker and if they are light red he is buffed.

- The Keeper : The protector of the dimension sealed in an arena, it's an amat of voidstone and void shards, it has 3 phases (its life bar is divided in 6, each phase corresponds to 2 bars).
Phase 1, full health, it summons Parasites and propelled the player in height.
Phase 2, he can create explosions when he takes damages, and inflict negative effects to the player.
Phase 3, the most fearsome, he can push the player higher, and he can use a skill where he paralyzes the player who attacks him while buffing himself, which allows him to be stronger and faster by taking advantage of the immobility of the player. When it dies, it disintegrates into 10 parasites that infect the player if he wants to recover the loots.
Also, he can inflict weakness and hunger to players near him.

Decorative blocks
They are planks and derived items of void wood, and several variants of voidstone.


- Void Powder: Sneak right click allows you to turn blocks with a void variant (cobblestone, planches, wood, etc) to their void variant. It's a loot from the parasite and ruined house chests.

- Void Shards : Allows you to craft the Void Ingot (4 Void Shard + 4 Diamonds)

- Void Ingot : Allows you to upgrade Netherite stuff to Shadow stuff in a smithing table

- Distorted Fruit: Has a chance to make you paranoiac for a few seconds, it's the only food in the dimension. Found on trees and in the loots of the ruined house. Shadow Golems also drop 1 when dying.

Shadow Tools and Stuff

- The armor is slightly better than the netherite one. Sneak will make you invisible, fast (almost as fast as walking) and resistant. It also protects from the paranoia effect.

- Shadow Sword : Gives Wither to the victim

- Shadow Pickaxe : Mine in a 3x3 area

- Others : Nothing except being more resistant and efficient

Funny items

Balloon : Holding it gives slow falling, holding 2 (so one in the secondary hand) allows to fly away slowly. Very useful because it's easy to craft and allows you not to die from falling when you go to the void !

Flamethrower : Flamethrower, you can hold right click to shoot non-stop. You can reload by sneak right-clicking with a nether gas bottle in your second hand to reload it.

Flamethrower : Throws projectiles that look like those of the Ender Dragon and that do a lot of damage, you can hold right click to shoot non-stop. Reload by Sneak right clicking with a bottle of dragon breath in your second hand to reload.


- Hope: Sword enchantment. When the player has 4 hearts or less, he can sneak to receive energy from living beings and plants in the world. This gives slowness to all non-aggressive mobs within 30 blocks, and strength 5 to the player, who is surrounded by small particles

- Voidic Repair : (treasure enchantment, so you have to get it by fishing, by a villager or in a chest). Repairs damaged items automatically if the player wears them (armor) or holds them in his hand/secondary hand. Repairs on average 1 durability every 10 seconds.

- Serenity (I and II): Helmet enchantment. Reduces the probability and length of paranoia in the void. Can sometime clear paranoia.

Potion effects

- Paranoia: Shake the player's camera, and make him hear monster noises / damage. Obtained randomly when you stay in the void

- Void Parasite : Obtained when a parasite bites you. When the effect ends, a Void Inhabitant comes out of the player's body and inflicts a lot of damage.

- Combustible : Obtained by "drinking" void gas, or with the associated potion (Nether Gas + Nether Wart in an alambic). When an entity comes into contact with fire, it loses the effect and explodes.
Tip: you can shoot mobs with a flame bow and combustible arrows, it's quite funny if he isn't immune to projectile or fire

You can put Into The Void in your modpack

French Showcas of some features by Mr Foxy

Created for the French Youtuber FuzeIII

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