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Did you ever thinked the end was lacking content ? And that too many mods don't add content without being in excess or only adding generic ideas ? Unusual End is my answer to this problem, trying to add only what I think is necessary without losing the atmosphere of the dimension. It currently adds a few structures, some mobs, items and blocks and a new mini-boss.

Important : If you're using Oh The Biomes You'll Go (BYG config tweak) :

It seems like the Small End Islands biome weight is by default set to 0, and since Unusual End add multiple mechanics in the 1.4.x updates related to new small islands types in this biomes, making it more frequent / spawn if the biome isn't spawning in this state could prevent BYG from cutting off some of Unusual End mechanics. To change this, go to the BYG config, and change the weight of the small_end_islands biomes to a value around 2-3 (by default 0)



The main changes of this mod are additions to the vanilla End, building upon the existing lore and a new one, to add content without losing its classic style and ambiance. Due to the quantity of content, I'll only describe the most important / more complex additions 

- One of the main change to the dimension is the addition of vegetation (Chorus Roots, Endstone Sprouts, Chorus Fungus, Purpur Grass) in the End Highlands, making it more lively. However, the End Midlands remain more empty to keep the original atmosphere of the dimension. This vegetation can be used for multiple purpose, like crafting Ender Stews to replenish your hunger, or Chorus Juice used to clear the Ender Infection effect. 
- Chorus has also been a bit modified. You'll now have a chance to spawn an Endermite when breaking a Chorus Stem, and Chorus Flowers can be sheared to obtain Chorus Petals.
- You will also find frequently Raw Purpur blocks, a new pink stone, and Infested End Stone patches, corrupted blocks inhabited by a hidden monster. You can't kill the Endstone Trapper inside, but you can capture it with an End Stone block, by right-clicking with one on him, and you can avoid him by sneaking / being invisible.

Undead Enderlings are undead monsters found flying around in the End, remnants of the ancient inhabitants of this dimension. Corrupted by the Void, they will try to push you off your bridges. When hurt, they will turn invisible and move faster, so be careful. They will drop Enderlings Scrap when killed. This material can be used to obtain unique items like the Floating Pouch, pushing you upwards, useful to travel in elytras, explore damaged areas, reset fall damages or to perform large jumps. The Enderling Scrap Legging will, when sneaking, give you an Invisibility and Slow Falling effect as well as confusing Undead Enderling, which will make them stop targeting you. The Scrape Cloth will give you Invisibility and Speed effects without particles and make you able to see yourself in third person, but at the cost of partially obstructing your screen.
→ If you want to prevent Undead Enderlings from spawning near your End Builds / Farms, use a Gloopstone Lamp (its purpose will be explained later)

End Highlands - Midlands :

The End Highlands are home to two new entities : The Ender Firefly and the Enderblob :
- Ender Fireflies can be found near nests. They can be tamed with End Blob, dropped by Enderblobs, and carried in buckets. This small insect will hunt Endermites and Enderblobs, and sometime produce a Firefly Egg or Firefly Bulb block when killing one.
- Enderblobs are overgrown endermites, trying to kill any nearby player. They can have a chance to inflict you with Ender Infection. This potion effect will make you teleport randomly for 30 seconds, and an Endermite will hatch when the effect will end. Eating an End Blob can sometime give you this effect, and brewing it will give the corresponding potion. Endermen affected by this effect will produce an Ender Pearl instead of an Endermite. 

Small End Islands :

Gloopstone Nests are small lone islands, made out of Gloopstone, a mixture of insect remains. These islands have been isolated for long, resulting in this agglomerate. The mixture seems to have been a favorable ground for the formation of Shiny Crystals, gems with regenerative properties, which can only be found inside of nests. The nest is also covered of Endermite Eggs, which will have a chance to weaken and hatch Endermites & Enderblobs when a nearby player isn't sneaking or invisible, making it dangerous to attempt to mine Shiny Gloopstones. Normal eggs can be picked up by a player, but cracked ones will hatch instantly instead.

Warped Islands Patches are groups of small islands packed together, made out of Warped End Stone and Gneiss. They are inhabited by Boloks, strange floating fishes, responsible for the Warping Corruption. Boloks have a low amount of health, but a high defense, probably due to their connection with the Gneiss, a really hard stone. They will inflict a Heaviness potion effect to attackers, and have a repulsion to the Regeneration effect (which will wither them). The characteristics of the Bolok can be seen with the Bolok Scale Boots, giving a Speed and Defense buff to low HP players with enough armor points, and a Heaviness debuff to players with too much HP or not enough armor. They can't be tamed, but can be put in a Bucket or reproduced with Warped Fungus.

Boloks can be "traded" with (they will digest some items, transforming them in the process). They will allow you to convert any "warp-able" resource into its warped version (including plants but only from the End, blocks like End Stone or Netherrack, Nether Wart, etc. He won't warp any wood) and Raw Purpur block variants into Gneiss Blocks. The opposite process can be achieved with the Shiny Crystal regenerative properties, effective against the Warping Corruption. The Warped Wart can only be obtained by "trading" with a Bolok.

Structures & Boss :

- Ruins : A very rare small wall and ground with a Chiseled End Stone
- Wanderer's House : A house spawning in the Small End Islands biome, containing a custom Wandering Trader and 2 llamas. The house contains a secret cave with a hidden chest. The Wandering Trader will sell you a Wandering Stew, allowing to get back to the Overworld.
- End House : A small end-city like house. Contains blocks from different dimensions, used by Endermen.
- Warped Ship : An End Ship covered in Warped Moss and Gneiss. He was probably used to bring Boloks to the Nether, but never managed to reach its destination. They can only be found between Outer End Islands and the Main End Island
- Ancient End City : A tower filled with Shulker Shooters (shooting Shulker Bullets when not powered by Redstone), Infused End Stone Bricks (giving an Instant Damage effect to entities walking on it) and Weak End Stone Bricks (blocks breaking instantly when a player walks on them). You'll also find spawners summoning Draglings, a sort of Ender Vex. You'll find at the top of the tower a Golem Altar. Right-clicking it with a Dragon's Breath bottle will summon the Endstone Golem.

The Endstone Golem got 500 hearts. He will cooldown your main/offhand items and slow you each time you will get hit. He can also push you up, summon thunder, give you levitation, or a new effect, Building Inability. While having this effect applied, each block placed will have a cooldown time and damage you. The Endstone Golem will drop a Golem Orb on death, which can be turned into a Shulker, Wither, or Nether Orb, each one giving a special bonus while in Inventory

Alchemy & Enchanting:

The mod adds a lot of new potions or way to obtain them, using Awkward Potion as a base :

- Shulker Bullet in a Bottle : Levitation
- End Blob : Ender Infection
- Weak End Stone Bricks : Building Inability
- Boloks Scale : Heaviness
A Shiny Crystal Block can also be used to expand the duration of an upgraded Regeneration potion.

Two special potions are obtained by brewing ingredients with a Warped Potion instead of an Awkward Potion :
- Bolok Scale : Resistance (+ Heaviness)
- Shiny Crystal Block : Health Boost (+Weakness)

Two new Enchantments can also be found in any Enchanting Table :
- Everlasting (Max Lvl 1 - Any Tool) : Your item will not despawn after 5 minutes on the ground
- Bolok's Fury (Max Lvl 3 - Any Axe) : If the entity you hit is at its max HP or more, your hit will inflict it with Heaviness and (2 * Lvl of Enchantment) damages (so up to 6 bonus attack damages if the target is at full hp or more)

Other :

Unusual End adds a lot of new functional blocks, here are some of the most essentials :
- The Shulker Shooter will shoot straight Shulker Bullets when not powered by Redstone every 1.5 seconds
- The Dragon Lamp is a new type of Redstone lamp, creating Dragon's Breath particles in a small radius. It will give a glowing effect to nearby monsters and players when powered.
- The Teleportation Anchor is used as a way to travel between locations easily. You first need to craft a Gilded Pearl, and Sneak-Right-Click it on the Teleportation Anchor to link it. Once it linked, you can right-click the Pearl at any time to teleport instantly to the anchor. By default, if the anchor is broken, the player will be instead randomly teleported anywhere near the dimension's spawn in a 1000 blocks radius.
- The Gloopstone Lamp is used to despawn Undead Enderlings in a 64 blocks radius when powered by Redstone, which can be useful to set up End basements or to prevent them from spawning in farms.
- The Ender Respawn Altar is a Respawn Anchor. It can be used in any dimension, won't explode, and will keep your respawn point when destroyed. To use it, you need to infuse it (Right-click it with a Dragon's Breath bottle). The empty part of the side texture will turn pink. Then, you can right-click it to set your spawn point, which will consume the Dragon's Breath inside the block, and confirm it with a message. If you want to respawn in the End, use a Wandering Stew (you can also place 2 blocks above it to obstruct the respawn location in order to reappear in the Overworld)
- The Purpur Tank is a storage block, working like a barrel but with 2 extra rows of slots (45 slots), making it useful for compact storage, to gain a bit of space while not making the chests useless as you can't create double-tanks.
- The Fading Block is a block allowing to create cool doors. Right-clicking it will make it turn into a transparent block you can go through.
- The Phantom Block can be walked through, but will be seen by Entities as a Solid block., which can be useful to lure Entities into holes or placed as a door to confuse them.
- The Phantom Membrane Block is solid, but will be seen as Air by Entities, which can be useful to create Bridges that won't be seen by Entities

The mod also adds a lot of other decoration or functional blocks and useful items.

Thanks to RedWolfNinja, for creating the mod's discs. You can also check his Music Mod !

Wait, this mod is made with Mcreator ?

-> Yes, it's mainly made with Mcreator, but not only. Also it don't mean that i don't have any java knowledge, so if you encounter an issue, please report it, instead, like some, of thinking that i couldn't fix it !

Gamerules :

- buildingDamage - true : Whether the player should take damage when building with the Building Inability potion effect
- FloatingPouchCooldown - 100 : The number of ticks the Floating Pouch will take to reload. The default value is 100 ticks. Keep in mind 1 second = 20 ticks
- doEndblobBounce - true : Allows to toggle the Endblob bouncing properties for mobs. Standing on an Endblob block will make entities bounce infinitely, which can be used for lag machines
- GildedPearlCooldown - 6000 : Define the time (in tick) before you can use a Gilded Pearl again (Teleportations Cooldown). Default value of 6000 ticks (5 minutes)
- doNeedTeleportationAnchor - true : Makes you unable to teleport to a broken Teleportation Anchor (Will instead teleport you randomly near the Anchor's world spawn in the ground or air
- EndblobShieldKnockbackForPlayers - true : Whether players will be affected by the Endblob Shield knockback (Multiplayer PvP)

Addons & Recommanded Stuff to play with this mod:

I recommand you to play the mod with this texture pack to change the Ender Dragon Boss Fight OST :
And End's Phantasm, Endless Biomes and End's Additions and features aregreat complement :

Datapack "More Unusual End Recipes" to get cratable but expansive End Portal Frames
Texture pack with changed textures for some decorative blocks and items of this mod :

Compatibilities :

- Curios
- Oh The Biomes You'll Go
 (It seems like the Small End Islands biome weight is by default set to 0, and since Unusual End add multiple mechanics in the 1.4.x updates related to new small islands types in this biomes, making it more frequent / spawn if the biome isn't spawning in this state could prevent BYG from cutting off some of Unusual End mechanics. To change this, go to the BYG config, and change the weight of the small_end_islands biomes to a value around 2-3 (by default 0))
- Adventure Apparatus (You need to set it to "true" in the config file to avoid Shulker Bullet Bottle conflict)
- Better End Forge, Endergetic Expansion (for 1.16.5)
- Create (Additional recipes)
- Farmer's Delight (Food compatibility)
- No known conflict with others End related mod !

Old versions issues :

- If you're using 1.0.8 or below, update to 1.0.9 (a performance bug was fixed) and delete the config file (because of this problem, i've needed to change it and it won't auto-update the file)
- Before 1.1.1, Shulker Shooters generated in Ancient End Cities aren't working
- Some structure can spawn in weird places like the void before 1.1.4
- Lot of small issues can occure before 1.4.0

Mod Showcases (mostly outdated) :



You can put Unusual End in your modpacks. I'm also open to suggestions / ideas in the comments !
Also check my other mods :O