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Farmer's Delight Addon

This mod is a Farmer's Delight addon that cooks with ingredients dropped from vanilla monsters to create different types of food.

Guardian sushi? Fried turtle eggs? Rotten bacon? all enjoyable with this mod.

The mod adds dozens of foods, items and effects!

This mod is still in development, so stay tuned out!


Unique Features : Harvesting Chorus Honey

Right click a Chorus Flower with Glass bottle to obtain Chorus Honey Bottle!


p.s Im Korean, so my english skill is low :{





Q: Are there any plans to add meat from (animal name) to the mod?
I have no plans to add meat from real life animals to the mod as I don't think it fits the concept of the mod.
(except:bat) Meat from villagers/Illagers as well.
Q:Can you please add meat for (fantasy mob name)?
A:Of course! Ideas are welcome!
Q:Are you planning to add food for fantasy mobs in the mod (e.g. Alex's mob)?
Not sure, but later, when I run out of food ideas for vanilla mobs, I might consider setting some mods as optional dependencies and making food for them.