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Unlit Campfire

Placing a lit campfire is a hot task. Do something good for your hands and install this mod, because then you won't burn your hands when you place a campfire.

This mod sets the default state of a (soul) campfire to unlit.

It is compatible with Forge, NeoForge, Fabric (1.16 and since 1.20.4), Quilt (since 1.20.4). Please choose the correct version.

Campfire Placing


The Fabric / Quilt version needs the following mods:


This mod is compatible with The One Probe and shows the lit time and the infinity status in the block info. (since

This mod is compatible with Jade and shows the lit time and the infinity status in the block info. (since

Since 1.20.4- and 1.20.6- this mod is compatible with Lithium (Fabric).

To be compatible with Build You Campfire, you need to change the config option "generatedCampfireIsLitInfinitely" to "false".

Lit time

Campfires and Soul Campfires are lit for 2000 ticks (individually configurable) and then extinguish by themselves. (can be deactivated)

Extinguish during rain

Campfires extinguish when rain falls on it (configurable). Soul campfires can also be configured to extinguish during rain. (default disabled)

Dropping items

Contained items are dropped off campfires and soul campfires when they extinguish by themselves or by rain. (configurable)

Campfire destroying

Campfires and soul campfires can be configured to be destroyed after they extinguish by themselves. (individually configurable) (default disabled)

Adding burnable items (since

By adding combustible/burnable items (like logs, sticks, coal, ...) to a lit (soul) campfire, the lit time can be extended. (default enabled)

Sleep time (since

It is possible to configure the campfires to be affected of the sleep time. When the option is active (default: disabled) The slept game ticks are added to the the lit time of a lit (soul) campfire.

Make campfires burn infinitely (since

A lit (soul) campfire can burn infinitely when you use Magma Cream on it. (item tag: "unlitcampfire:makes_campfire_infinite")

Generated campfires burn infinitely (since

Generated (soul) campfires burn infinitely by default (configurable).

There is also a wiki where you can read all details about the mod. 


There is also a resource pack called Unlit Campfire Icons where the fire of the campfire icons is removed.


If there are any problems, please contact me here in the comments or with a Github Issue.



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Can I use this mod in my mod pack?
Yes, you are allowed to use this mod in your mod packs.

Port to another Minecraft version? Which versions are supported?
Sorry, but I do not backport any mod to an older version. Here is a list of all supported and planned versions: Minecraft mod versions of cech12

Is there a Fabric version?
Yes, for Minecraft 1.16 there is a Fabric version of this mod. Since 1.20.4 Fabric and Quilt are officially supported. There is no plan to backport Fabric support to earlier Minecraft versions than 1.20.4. For 1.19, please check out the mod Survival Campfire

Where is the config file? 
There is a defaultconfig directory, where you can find it. If you change something there it has only an effect on new savegames. For existing savegames you need to go to the serverconfig directory of the savegame. 

I found a bug or I have a good idea to enhance this mod!
Very good! Open an issue at Github. You have no Github-Account? You can also contact me here in the comments or via private message.