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Previous Description

This is a port of the UndergroundBiomesConstructs mod to 1.12.2



  • 24 kinds of stone
  • 24 variants of gravel
  • 24 kinds of sand
  • 16 types of cobblestone
  • Bricks
  • Slabs
  • Walls
  • Stairs
  • Buttons
  • BOP's overgrown stones
  • Moss Cobblestones
  • Monster Eggs
  • Ores from Minecraft and Mods are (or can be) integrated to match the surrounding stone.

You may find some help on adding ores from mods here.

Note on 1.14.x : Those builds are early alphas. Bugs are to be expected... Please report them on Github's issue tracker! If upgrading to build 32 from an older build, please delete your config/undergroundbiomes folder!



​This is a port of the UndergroundBiomesConstructs mod to 1.12.2 and later.


This mod adds great diversity to your underground,

  • add 24 new different kinds of stones of metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary styles.
  • Ores and structures like villages from vanilla and other mods are also converted to the local stone variant during world generation.
  • Those 24 variants are also declined in cobblestone, gravel, sand, sandstone, clay, monster eggs, overgrown stone, bricks, mossy bricks & cobblestone, slabs, walls, stairs and buttons.
  • The mod is inspired from the real world, adding even more diversity: igneous stones like granite are slightly harder to break, lignite can be used as a cheap coal, there's no sedimentary cobblestone, fossils can be found while mining, etc.
  • Many mods ores are already supported natively.
  • Speleothem from quark are also supported.
  • A simple yet extensive configuration allows you to add new ores from others mods through simple json configuration (see the wiki), disable specific blocks variations, etc.

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