This is MInecraft Ultra Hard Mode.


A lot of players who have played this game for more than a decade are bored because it's too easy for them now, but this mod will make them struggle too, with a lot of minecraft modified mechanics and features that make this game really hard keeping it Vanilla.



Monsters deal more damage (a lot)

Monsters have more defence (a lot)

Monsters become faster when they target an entity to attack

There's a forty percent chance that when a creeper spawns it is charged

Monsters stop burning in lava if they survived in it for 2 seconds

When players block attacks with shields they still take half a heart of damage

If a player is killed by a boss (Wither, Warden, Enderdragon) The boss will restore it's entire health

Golden Apple nerfed

Enchanted Golden Apple nerfed

Totem of Undying nerfed

Players are slower than usual

If a player gets the effect hunger they get the effect poison too

When a player has 1 hp (half a heart) they get the effect blindness

When players respawn they only have 9 hp (4,5 hearts)

Players catch fire for 5 seconds when they enter the Nether

You can't play in peaceful, easy or normal mode, it automatically sets it back to hard mode everytime is changed

When you have elytra equipped every second there will be a 5% chance for you to take damage (6Hp or 3 hearts) and the elytra too (4 Hp of Item Damage)

When you eat a golden carrot 2 will be removed from your inventory  instead of 1 (there's a low chance that the number of removed carrots will be 3 or only 1)

You get more fall damage

Every time a player is attacked there's a 25% chance that a random piece of the armor they're wearing will be damaged three times more than usual

Every time a player attacks an entity there's a 25% chance that the weapon they used will be damaged two times more than usual

All food saturation nerfed (except golden carrots)

Tools are damaged twice after being used to mine a block 

When you enchant an object with mending the enchantment is removed, you only get 6 XP levels

Wither has more regeneration than usual

Warden has regeneration

Ender Dragon has regeneration

When you drink a potion every other potion gets a 25 seconds cooldown

If you set the difficulty to peaceful all players are killed

Vexes spawn in End

You can't place beds in End


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