Ultimate Car Mod

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Overview/Car Crafting

Car Crafting

To craft a car we need one car workshop block and 8 car workshop parts.
Note that this is a multiblock structure and will not work when it is not completed.
Place the car workshop surrounded by 8 workshop parts.
To use the workshop, right-click on it.


Car Recipes


Minecraft 1.10.X - 1.12.X

You can choose your car color by using different colors for the car parts.
For the wooden cars, you can use every wood type you like for the car body part item.
You can not mix colors.
For the other vehicles, you can use the 16 different hardened clay colors.
If this is a bit confusing, simply look at the car crafting recipes via Just Enough Items.

With the workshop, you also can repair your car.
You have to craft the tools required to repair the car and put them into place on the workshop repair GUI.
Remember that your car has to be on top of the workshop area to get noticed.


Minecraft 1.14.X

As the base of your car, you need a body.

There are 5 different types of bodies:

  • The wooden body (Available in all wood types)

  • The big wooden body (Available in all wood types)

  • The transporter body (Available in every Minecraft dye color)

  • The SUV body (Available in every Minecraft dye color)

  • The sportscar body (Available in every Minecraft dye color)

Next, you need wheels for your car.
There are 2 types of wheels: Big wheels and normal wheels.

Every car except the transporter needs 4 wheels.
The transporter needs 6 wheels.
The SUV needs big wheels and every other car needs small wheels.
Note that you have to put each wheel in a seperate slot of the car.

Your vehicle also needs an engine. There are three types of engines: A 3 cylinder engine, a 6 cylinder engine and a truck engine (1.14+ only). The 6 cylinder engine makes your car much faster but also needs more fuel. The truck engine is the most fuel efficient engine.

Another required component is the tank.
There are 3 different types of tanks: Small, medium and large.
The small tank can hold 500 mb of fuel, the medium 1000 mb and the large tank 1500 mb.

These components are the essentials to build a car.
The following parts are optional.

With the license plate holder, you are able to mount a license plate with custom text to your car.

A license plate can be written on by right-clicking it.

The bumper can be added to all wooden cars, but is only cosmetical.

Transporters are able to have either a container that extends your cars inventory or a tank container, that hold up to 64,000 mb of fluid.


Vehicle Operation


Starting The Car

To drive, you have to turn on your engine first by pressing and holding the 'R' key until the car is started.

If your car won't start anymore it is maybe because your battery is empty.
You can recharge your car battery either by driving around or by putting a fully cahrged battery into the slot with the battery icon.
A fully charged battery contains 500 RF.
This is enough to fill your car battery halfway.

The starting time of your car is dependent on multiple factors.

  • Engine temperature
    • If your engine is cold, the car takes longer to start.
    • The engine temperaturte rises if your engine is running.
    • If your engine is turned off, the engine temperature will slowly decrease.
    • If your car is parked in a cold biome, the engine can get colder than in warmer biomes.
  • Car damage
    • If your car is damaged, it takes longer to start.
    • This gets worse the higher the amount of damage is.
  • Battery status
    • If your battery gets emptier, your car takes longer to start.



When you spawn your car on the workshop, it will have 10% of fuel.
So you can drive to the next fuel station.
You can also refuel your car with a canister.

The canister can be refuelled by shift-right-clicking a fuel station.
To refuel your car with a canister you have to put the canister in the slot with the canister icon.

If you have run out of fuel, you can push your car by sneaking against it.



You can repair your car in the car workshop or with a repair kit.
The repair kit will repair 5% of damage, by putting it into the slot with the repair kit icon.


1.10.X - 1.12.X Be aware that if your car has 95% or more damage, the car will get destroyed if a player (that is not in creative mode) hits the car. If you want to destroy a car in creative mode, just sneak + hit the car.

1.14+ You can destroy your car by holding a Hammer/Screw Driver/Wrench in your hand and hitting it twice within half a second.


Your car can get damage if you drive against other cars or blocks.
It can also get damage by being in contact with water or lava.
Your car can't get damage by hitting it or by any other means.


Car Interaction

By pressing 'I' while sitting in the car, the car-UI will open.
Here you can check your car's damage, fuel level and Inventory.
There will also be your damage indication and your car inventory.
You can also access your the car GUI from the outside by shift + right-clicking it.

For transporters, the outside inventory is a separate inventory, so you can transport more stuff.



If you craft a vehicle, you will get two keys which will be in the car inventory.
You can lock and unlock your car by right-clicking the key when you are in the range of 25 blocks.
You can duplicate your key by putting a key and an iron ingot into a crafting table. The new key will be a copy of your old key.