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This mod provides a user interface library tailored specifically for Minecraft modding.

Allowing modders with a seamless experience, this library streamlines the process of crafting user interfaces within the game.

Included UI Components:

Buttons (Nine Sliced):

Create interactive buttons with customizable textures that seamlessly adapt to different sizes, ensuring a polished and consistent appearance.


Types: Normal, Multi line, Scrolling, Truncated.
Effortlessly integrate text elements into your user interfaces, allowing for dynamic and informative displays. Customize fonts, colors, and sizes to suit your mod's aesthetic.


Types: Normal, Nine Sliced.
Embed rich textures directly into your UI, enhancing the overall visual experience. Whether it's background elements or decorative accents, this component simplifies texture integration.


Types: Undecorated, Decorated.
Showcase in-game items within your UI, providing players with a clear and immersive representation of inventory contents or crafting recipes.


Easily incorporate icons for status indicators, achievements, or any other visual cues. Icons can be customized to fit the style of your mod and enhance player engagement.


Implement scrollable areas within your UI for efficient navigation through extensive content. Perfect for inventories, quest logs, or any interface requiring dynamic content display.