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This mod currently adds the following.


  • Acid Rain
    • Effects players (Optional)
      • Applies an acidic effect
      • Looking up in Acid Rain applies blindness.
      • Choose whether they die from it or not in config.
    • Effects Passive Mobs (Optional)
    • Choose Length of Acid effect (initial, added, and max)
    • Effects Crops (Optional)
      • Causes crops to slowly wither and die.
    • DIM White-listing (only on 1.12.2)
    • Additional Mod Needed: AppleCore) (Prior to 1.12.2 only)
  • Liquid Void Block
    • For voiding off any extra fluids you have lying about
    • Not available in 1.10.2 version
  • XPVoid
    • Allows the pack maker to add ores / blocks to the configs to stop the player getting XP from mining them.
  • StarveDeath
    • Player dies instantly from starvation.
  • IgniteBlocks
    • Adds certain blocks to add fire properties to enable burning. Prevents cheaty cobble-gen methods on sky-block packs.
  • Spawning
    • This feature is for packs with Ex Nihilio (Ex Nihilo Omnia for 1.10 and Ex Nihilo Creatio for 1.12) in them - Adds a spawn chance for spiders to spawn from infested leaves.)
  • MOB AI
    • Set whether mobs will attack and break items
    • Item White-list
    • Break Speed
  • Custom torches
    • Unlit torches
    • Glowstone Torches
    • Torch Oil
    • Torch Paste
    • Please note, these do not have default recipes. Customize them using CraftTweaker to your needs/wants.

Please Note: This mod is generally for the Sinful Skies modpack, but should work with any pack you put it in. If you have any issues, please report them in our bug tracker linked below.


Bug reports are welcomed here, along with suggestions.


  • You are welcome to include this mod in your modpacks.