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Filename tweakeroo-1.12.0-0.9.0.litemod
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded Dec 6, 2018
Game Version 1.12
Size 115.76 KB
Downloads 340
MD5 832889996353b27fab78815a9930cc8e
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • 0.9.0:
    • Requires malilib 0.9.0
    • Add a shulker box display tweak (like in Quark or Usefulmod)
    • Add the no-block-breaking-particles tweak from usefulmod
    • Add the no-slime-block-slowdown tweak from usefulmod, with some improvements
    • Add a tweak to print the death coordinates to chat, also from usefulmod
    • Add two new tweaks for restricting block placement: "first" and "hand"
    • Add a repair mode tweak (swaps damaged items with Mending to hand)
    • Add tweaks to simulate holding down the attack or use keys
    • Add a tweak for reduced explosion particles
    • Add a tweak to change the /fill and /clone limits in single player
    • Add a better/more comprehensive "no light updates on client" tweak
    • Add a tweak to prevent all except player entities from rendering
    • Add a tweak for removing client side non-player entity updates
    • Add an in-game Config GUI with a hotkey to open it
    • Add configs for Fast Right Click item black- or whitelists
    • Fix not being able to properly disable the Gamma override after game restart
    • Fix requesting invalid block facings via the Carpet protocol
    • Fix the player inventory preview stack rendering offset
    • Accurate Placement on Carpet servers now works somewhat properly
    • Add a toggle option for the Shulker Box bg texture coloring
    • Possible fix for the fast placement inside liquids being derpy (? probably not though)
    • Remove most tweak toggle default keybinds
    • Move the shulker box util method to malilib
  • 0.8.1:
    • Requires malilib 0.8.1
    • Changed the 'tweakNoPortalGuiClosing' Mixin, to fix it not working on 1.12.2 due to a vanilla change
    • Improve and better line break several config option and hotkey tooltips
    • Fix a render state leak in entity equipment inventory peeking
    •   > (gray background if opening the player inventory while having the inventory preview open)
    • Improve inventory overlay rendering of the inventory preview/peek features (partially via malilib)
    • Fix the placement tweak code modifying the click position even without tweaks enabled
    • Fix the Fixes category of configs not getting saved/loaded
    • Re-order the config GUIs/buttons a bit for better readability(?)
  • 0.8.0:
    • Ported over to using malilib, requires version 0.8.0
    • Fix the mouse dWheel/scrolling - the value can be different in some cases
    • Add an option for fast placement mode to always remember the first orientation
    • Add an option to remember the flexible placement orientation without key held
    • Refactor the keybind stuff to also support mouse buttons (this is now in malilib)
    • Add a Player Inventory Peek tweak
    • Add support for peeking into Villager inventories (only works in singleplayer)
    • Add equipment inventory peeking for living entities
    • Add new Placement Restriction modes Line and Diagonal
    • Add a separate Placement Restriction mode with configs
    • Add a Placement Limit tweak
    • Improve After Clicker scroll adjust behaviour
    • Make the Placement Restriction mode work without Fast Placement
    • Add the first hacky version of an Accurate Block Placement tweak
    • Add a Hotbar Scrolling tweak
    • Add an Angel Block tweak (Creative only to avoid overwhelming cheatyness)
    • Add a Hotbar Slot Cycle tweak
    • Add a Placement Grid restriction tweak (only works properly with Fast Placement atm!)
    • Move the overlay render hook Mixin to where it is in MiniHUD (fixes Forge compatibility)
    • Add a tweak to tab complete the player coordinates instead of '~', when not looking at a block
    • Add a tweak to not close GUIs while inside a portal
    • Add a tweak for map preview when hovered over in inventories while holding shift
    • Add a tweak to render invisible entities like they would be in spectator mode
    • Move the Inventory Preview overlay to the top side of the screen
    • Add a tweak to limit the number of rendered XP Orbs and Item entities
    • Add a tweak to remove own potion particle effects
    • Re-order some configs in the GUI
    • Add a tweak to warn about potion effects about to run out
    • Add the Elytra deployment/landing fix by Earthcomputer and Nessie

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