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Filename tweakeroo-1.12.1-0.7.0.litemod
Uploaded by masady
Uploaded Jul 3, 2018
Game Version 1.12.1
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MD5 cab020230b0f2605a0892656addbb5ec
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  • 0.7.0:
    - Reverted allowing the After Clicker together with the Carpet accurate placement mode
    - Fix: Clear the cached stack for the hand restocking when releasing the buttons
    - Changed the After Clicker to affect the just-placed block instead of raytracing
    - Added a Pick Before Placement tweak
    - NOTE: The Pick Before Placement is partially broken in some cases, at least with fast placement

    - Changed the hand restock to also work when the item changes (for example filling buckets)
    - Allow using the "After Clicker" even with Carpet accurate block placement ON
    - Added tweaks to skip all rendering, or just the world rendering
    - Implemented strict keybind checking (= no extra pressed keys)
    - Added an actual config option for the fast placement mode (so that it's persistent now)
    - Added new tool swap and restock hooks and changed some of that stuff
    - Added a workaround for inventory sync issues with fast clickers (configurable on/off, default is on)
    - Added an "item unstacking protection" tweak, which tries to avoid throwing out filled buckets or bottles (currently hard coded for those only)
    - Added a permanent sneak tweak