I invite you to drink a cup of wine again;

West of the sunny pass no more friends will be seen.

-- Wang Wei(701 - 761)



This mod adds alcoholic beverages brewed using a wide variety of ingredients,

allowing players to enjoy the pleasure achieved from brewing to drinking.

You can fill these alcoholic beverages with vanilla glass bottles, buckets,

or the wooden cups and bottles from the mod, and drink them alone or with friends.


Alcoholic Beverages

You'll need to hold 16 material items to fill the brewing barrel, and a bucket of water when you're done (no need to add water if you're brewing milk wine), and when you're done brewing you'll produce 8 units of wine, and you can hold two of them at a time in a barrel or wine bottle.


Material and Products

Apple -> Apple Cider

Milk -> Milk Wine

Honey -> Honey Wine

Sweet Berries -> Berries Wine

Potato -> Vodka

Wheat -> Beer

Sugar Canes -> Rum


Also supports material from Croptopia.



Drinking too much can harm your health!