Tired of the same old advancements every time you play Minecraft? Triumph is a tool for modpack creators that allows you to create your own unique advancement trees in place of Vanilla's. Allowing you to fully remove Vanilla's and replace it with one (or more) of your own or build along side of the existing advancements using either Json or script!

Highly suggest using with Better Advancements for a better advancements gui.

Contains documentation and many examples in the config folder. Load a world to generate everything.

The wiki is purely for 1.7.10 versions. All documentation for the 1.12+ versions is shipped with the mod.

Requires BnBGamingLib v2.8.1 or higher to be installed

Requires BnBGamingCore v0.3.1 or higher to be installed

FAQ and Discussion available on our Minecraft Forum thread.

We also have a Discord server.

We also have a Twitch App channel.