🎃 This mod was developed for the MMD SpookyJam 2021. 🎃


Trick or Treat is a multiplayer-focused mod that adds various mob-themed candies to the game, each with unique and fun effects! During the month of October, many mobs have a chance of dropping goodie bags that contain rare candy. Opening the bags on your own will give you 1 candy, but if you trade them to a friend, it will yield double the candy! 


Firefingers (Blaze) - Player can set mobs on fire by hitting them
Fizzlers (Creeper) - Causes an explosion that damages nearby enemies and launches player into the air (does not break blocks)
Deadish Fish (Drowned) - Gives player a riptide effect, letting them bolt through water
Pearl Pops (Enderman) - Teleports player to where they are looking
Screambursts (Ghast) - Makes mobs run away from the player
Eye-ce Cream (Guardian) - Gives player haste and swiftness
Membrane Butter Cups (Phantom) - Player can steal health from enemies after damaging them
Bonebreakers (Skeleton) - Hitting mobs gives them a paralyzed effect, which freezes them in place for a few seconds
Slime Gum (Slime) - The player becomes bouncy
Chocolate Covered Spider Eye (Spider) - The player can climb walls
Sour Patch Zombies (Zombie) - Player can convert villagers to zombies by hitting them

IMPORTANT: Since this is a seasonal mod, it is not a project I expect to work on consistently in the long term. Therefore, do not expect many updates past the submission deadline of October 20th

If you encounter a bug, DO NOT REPORT IT IN THE COMMENTS! Please submit a full report by clicking the "Issues" tab and I will be able to help you :)