This was a quick mod written up by the request of Wyld, who was looking for a way to make the early skyblock game more interesting.


What it does is add an easy way to make your saplings grow better – by running and dancing around them! Simply sprint or crouch near your saplings to increase their growth, the more active you are the better!


This mod senses sprinting and crouching around saplings. If you wish to change the sensitivity, there is an option in the config file.


It will also show bonemeal particles every time growth is accelerated, this can also be disabled in the config.


This is included in SkyFactory, the skyblock pack by the awesome Bacon Donut!



I made this silly video explaining how the mod works, enjoy.




Modpacks / License

Licensed under the LGPLv3. TL;DR Yes, you can use it in modpacks. Please do.