Traverse (Fabric)

18,413 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 21, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

 Traverse aims to expand upon, but not replace or overshadow, Minecraft biomes. Traverse embraces the simplistic nature of many vanilla biomes and the goal is to have the biomes fit in just right so that Mojang could add them into the base game and nobody would complain that they felt out of place.

Traverse requires Fabric Loader and Fabric API 

Join the Terraformers team discord for support or to chat about the mods:

Visit the Traverse Wiki to learn more about each biome


Some biomes contain variants to increase variety

Images of the biomes can be found on the Images page.


Check out Traverse's sister mod, Terrestria:

Terrestria works well alongside Traverse if you are looking for a more extensive biome enhancement experience. Terrestria has a lot of highly unique and detailed biomes that may exceed the "Vanilla+" category that Traverse fits into.


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