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Filename traverse-2.1.14+build.37.jar
Uploaded by ProspectorDev
Uploaded May 15, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 276.30 KB
Downloads 10,597
MD5 a791d20af5fd42e9f1380f3f227ebb12
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


- Fix the surface builder of the Wooded Island 


Changes in v2.1.13: 

- Fix a crash with Terraform


Changes in v2.1.12: 

- Sweet Berry Bushes will now generate in Snowy Coniferous Forests
- Fixed Fir trees leaves generating too close to the ground
- Fixed Yellow Autumnal trees being too short
- Horses and Donkeys no longer spawn in Rocky Edges or on Wooded Islands
- Decrease the number of Blue Orchids in Mini Jungles
- Emerald Ore will now generate in Plains Plateaus (and variants)
- Pillager Outposts will now generate in Coniferous Forests and Snowy Coniferous Forests
- Pillager Outposts will no longer generate in Rolling Hills
- Wolves will now spawn on Wooded Islands
- Wolves will no longer spawn in Meadows or Rolling Hills
- Strongholds will now generate in Lush Swamps
- Changed the category of Plains Plateaus to Plains (was Forest)
- Changed the category of Snowy Coniferous Forests (and variants) to Taiga (was Forest)
- Update Chinese Translation (Courtesy of taowaren on GitHub)

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