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"Craftable travel bags, equipable with Curios, to store your items in special inventory with transfer actions, with some behaviors with Corail Tombstone and also foundable as lootbag"


Travel Bag is an useful item bag that can be equipped in the special slots of the Curios mod as a backpack, with magical upgrades with Tombstone mod.


This mod allows you to craft some Travel Bags :

Travel Bag : crafting recipe   

You can define custom recipes for the color. It's also possible to find random colored bag as chest loot.

The color can be removed with the cauldron.

Random colored bag

"type": "travel_bag:colored",
  "ingredients": [{"item": "minecraft:bubble_coral"}],
"color": 12850867

How to use

Theses bags can be opened directly from your inventory by right-clicking them :

Travel bag inventory   Locked Slots

Travel Bag with Curios Bag Slots   travel bag config in 1.12.2

If you use the mod Curios on the same time, you can use the custom slots to put your bags in and each of the 2 slots can be opened directly with a keybind (you need to set theses keybinds).
NB : The items that shouldn't be stored in the bag can be defined by adding them in the tag "travel_bag:denied_items".

 theses icons tranfer all items to the player inventory and vice versa (can be disabled in config)

You can lock a slot preventing any transfer (with alt click on the slot).
It's also possible to transfer the items of the bag in a chest with right click, and vice versa by sneaking (configurable)

Behavior with Tombstone

If you use the mod Tombstone, you can upgrade the bag to be larger by consuming a soul over a grave :

Tombstone Perk : Travel Bag  Enchanted Travel Bag  Gluttony perk

Gluttony Perk

Gluttony is an upgrade for the Travel Bag : unlockable from the Tombstone Perk Tree.
It unlocks a special slot (with a stacksize of 1) that works for you by transfering similar items in the bag (to the one in its slot) from the player inventory.