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Filename Traincraft-4.4.1_020.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Mar 28, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 25.80 MB
Downloads 66,596
MD5 925a5554366b54f05fb420938002fcf7
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
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Java 8


Traincraft v4.4.1_(020)
	- Reverted rider offsets to a more reliable method.
	+ Fixed bug related to named entitie.
	+ Fixed steam trains still taking water from tenders even when full.
	+ Fixed the trains disappearing completely when the rider logs out.
	+ Fixed admin/owner wrench interaction.
	+ Fixed a B-Unit draining bug.
	+ Fixed a potential crash due to a distance check during collision.
	+ Fixed some linking distances.
	+ Fixed a chat bug that caused some text to appear twice.
	+ Fixed carts spawned by villages not having all their proper info such as name and owner.
	+ Various MTC fixes by PeachMaster
	+ Fixed MTC not registering blocks.
	+ Fixed GUI not showing true top speed
	+ Fixed stock cars not saving their rider entity to NBT
	+ Fixed some trains not showing fuel consumption in GUI.
	+ Fixed one of the rollingstock spawned by villages not having a color.
	+ Fixed the modinfo.
	+ Fixed a desync related item dupe bug.
	+ Reduced how often trains drain tenders to help with server performance.
	+ Performance improvement for diesels.
	+ Removed a number of unused fluids in our storage.
	+ Misc performance fixes related to collision and pathfinding.
	+ Substantial MHP rework
	+ Weight now effects acceleration more significantly and top speed less significantly, so that more realistic values for metric horsepower (MHP) can be used.
	+ Added support for IE biodiesel
	+ Diesles, steamers, tenders, and tankers can now drain fluids from some fluid container blocks. Same rules as overhead lines apply, if the blocks don't allow entities to drain and only other blocks, there's nothing we can do.
	+ Fixed the Boxcar(US) having the wrong default texture.
	+ Fixed missing F7 red skin by Prof. Binky.
	+ Fixed a rotation bug with some parts of the F7.
	+ Updated C41 tender by Riggs64
	+ Fixed lamps on the BR185
	+ Fixed rider position on the Rheingold dining car (fix by Sebasver)
	+ Changed the smoke particle used for the FOL M1 to match other diesels.
	+ Fixed pannier stats
	+ MHP fixes for the hall class, king class, berk 1226. berk 765, and fowler.
	+ Fixed missing lamps on the cd151
	+ Corrected the Baldwin 4-6-0/southern 1102 name to the Baldwin F-14.
	+ Name fix for the MILW H10-44, it's now the FM H10-44 since there's more than MILW skins for it now, so the name should reflect the base body model.
	+ ATO can now be disabled for steam trains in the config. by PeachMaster.
	+ Class 185 skin by chielmeiberg1112
	+ F3, F7, A and B unit skins by Prof. Binky
	+ H10-44 skin by Prof. Binky
	+ GS4 stock skins by Prof. Binky
	+ Covered Hopper skins by Mutt_1066
	+ Boston & Maine GS4 skins by Bidahochi
	+ Updated BP4 model and icon by Bidahochi
	+ Updated FOL M1 icon by Bidahochi
	+ Light Blue Freight Hopper skin by Bidahochi
	+ Freight Cart L skin, and matching FOL M1 skin by Bidahochi
	+ K Class Rail Box skin by Bidahochi
	+ Short and long hopper skins by Bidahochi
	+ Tank Wagon skin by Eddie Dalton
	+ Freight Trailer and Freight Hopper skins by wcfb75
	+ Updated CD151 model by Ondar
	+ Bamboo car skins by Ondar
	+ Purple Freight Trailer skin by Green PC
	+ Heavyweight Boxcar skin by Crockno
	+ Blue GS4 stock skins by MadFrogs
	+ Freight Trailer skins by Trainman
	+ New H10-44 and covered hopper skins by Bidahochi
	+ BoxCart (US), GP7, and SD40 skin fixes by wcfb75
	+ FreightCart (US) skins by wcfb75
	+ GS4 skins by Riggs64
	+ DD35 skins by Crockno
	+ Fixed an improper recipe for one of the rails.
	+ Added some conversion recipes for the wood slope to other slopes
	+ High star switch stand now shows in crafting guide and can be crafted from the Traincraft workbench.
	+ Added a wireless version of MTC called W-MTC, by PeachMaster.
	+ Steel crafting achievement now supports ore directories.

Traincraft v4.4.1_(020)_alpha
	+ Fixed a missing skin registry value for the F7 A unit
	+ Fixed a position bug with the smoke effects on trains
	+ Fixed a rotation bug with riders on trains
	+ Fixed some linking distance issues
	+ Fixed some GUI name issues
	+ Fixed a crafting guide crash with MTC
	+ Fixed a texture bug specific to Linux/OSX
	+ Fixed a bug with tankers where inventories wouldn't stack to the item's max stack size
	+ Fixed some sound bugs with locomotives that tended to spam console and create lag
	+ Updated the name of the NY Subway to the Kawasaki PA4
	+ Fixed some tender capacity bugs
	+ Fixed a linking bug with the GS4 tailcar
	+ Fixed bug where the coal ore directory would not see vanilla coal
	+ Fixed an admin permission bug for removing trains
	+ Fixed a bug that caused trains with a corrupt owner, or name related to game profile that's different from game name, to become unusable in some cases
	+ Fixed a speed bug with interaction to rails
	+ Fixed trains not being properly effected by their speed reduction due to rollingstock weight
	+ Fixed trains not actually going their correct speed cap
	+ Fixed some model deformations for flat cubes
	+ Added a bunch of missing recipes
	+ Hopefully fixed a jumpy speed bug caused by desync
	+ Fixed a crash related to the railcraft cart placer
	+ Fixed a bug with the rail track items and some greif prevention/ownership mods that allowed them to be partially placed inside of areas the player does not have permission to edit
	+ Some fixes for train despawning
	+ Fixed a potential saving bug with trains and stock that could cause the entity to forget it's UUID and dimension
	+ Tenders can now take water from linked tanker cars
	+ Steam trains now use a simpler and far more reliable method for getting fuel and water from their tenders
	+ Changed entity initialization to potentially fix a large number of issues when spawning/loading trains and stock, this might fix a lot of things like the spawning sideways bug, but it might also introduce new bugs, or even just straight out do nothing (this is one of the main changes that has caused some unease in the development team)
	+ Added a large number of skins from wcfb that were supposed to be in 019
	+ Lime F7 unit texture fix from Prof_Binky
	+ Added four new Long Covered Hopper skins by Mutt_1066
	+ Added a number of Rheingold skins from Sebasver
	+ Rheingold pantograph dining car now uses correct bogies
	+ Fixed missing sounds for the BP4 and FOL M1
	+ Fixed the Class 66 using the wrong horn
	+ Fixed a texture bug with the WLs40
	+ Fixed the E10 being backwards
	+ Fixed the fowler using the wrong sounds
	+ Berk tender texture fixes from Riggs64
	+ 44 ton switcher texture fix from Riggs64
	+ Added some bogies by Bidahochi that were supposed to be in 019
	+ Various fixes for the Rheingold stock, E10, and E103 by Sebasver
	+ Fixed bogie positions for the wellcar
	+ Added BP4 trucks by Bidahochi
	+ Fixed missing lamps on a few trains
	+ Fixed a bug with the green Class 66 skin
	+ Fixed linking distance for the LSSP7
	+ Fixed sitting position for the MILW passenger
	+ Fixed a bug with slowing down in MTC (fix by PeachMaster)