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Filename Traincraft-4.4.1_019.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Jan 10, 2019
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 22.34 MB
Downloads 25,920
MD5 ec00fa7d704ffb3f2b82599f67504119
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


	+ Added a startup notification to inform users of TiM, it only displays the first time you boot 019.
	+ Added a notice about TiM and our new website.
	+ Added ore directory support for 3rd party coal, redstone, and water containers.
	+ Reduced RAM use for recipes.
	+ Stock spawned by villages now has chunkloading off by default (this only applys to villages that spawn using 019, existing ones are still effected).
	+ Small improvement to rendering methods, should improve FPS slightly.
	+ Updated a number of locomotive stats with help from Articulated Engineer.
	+ Several small performance enhancements for both client and server, mostly server.
	+ Added some very minor anti-griefing stuff.
	+ Fix for speed cap bug.
	+ Added missing orient recipe
	+ Fixed a few causes for invisible and partially invisible track.
	+ Fixed a bug where trains would not allow other players to link/unlink them while unlocked.
	+ Corrected the name "SD70 Union Pacific" to the name "SD70M" to reflect the actual model rather than the skins.
	+ Corrected the name "SD40 Santa Fe" to the name "SD40-2" to reflect the actual model rather than the skins.
	+ Corrected the name "Shunter" to the name "Class 08 Shunter".
	+ fixed a crash related to one of our tile entities having the same exact ID as one from another mod.
	+ Fixed improper passenger positions for a number of cars.
	+ Fixed what was assumed to be a rider position desync when on slopes.
	+ Fixed some linking distances.
	+ Fixed a Z-buffer bug in the render.
	+ Fixed some passenger position issues in a large number of rollingstock and trains.
	+ Fixed a hauling capacity bug.
	+ Fixed an inventory bug with the track builder.
	+ Fixed smoke renderer
	+ Fixed smoke positions

	+ Added two D51's with two skins each, and a tender for them by Broscolotos, icons by Eternal Blue Flame.
	+ Added the Bamboo engine and stock with a bunch of skins by Ondar, Item icons by Eternal Blue Flame.
	+ Added the German Post car and two additional skins for it by Sebasver.
	+ added the CD151 by Ondar with 3 skins.
	+ Added two new passenger skins by Ondar.
	+ Added a new Logging cab skin by TobiasCZe.
	+ Added a new Box Car US skin by Trainman.
	+ New and updated Boxcart (US), Wellcar, SD70, Hopper, and freight trailer skins from wcfb75.
	+ New passenger skin by MadFrogs.
	+ New green and red Rheingold passenger skin by Sebasver.
	+ Added the 4000 gallon tender and a few skins by Broscolotos.
	+ Added the Hall Class and a few skins by Broscolotos.
	+ Added the King Class and a few skins by Broscolotos.
	+ Added the depressed Flatbed car and bogies for it by Broscolotos.
	+ Added the fictional Freight Car L by MudkipLover4.
	+ Added the WLs40 by GreenPC.
	+ Added a green wellcar skin by GreenPC.
	+ Added some new icons by LunarTales.
	+ Added the Fowler 4F and it's tender by Riggs64.
	+ Added the USATC S100 (US and UK variants) by Riggs64.
	+ Added the Berkshire 1225, 765, and their tender, by Riggs64.
	+ Added the C41 0-8-0 by Riggs64.
	+ Added the Alco SC4 by Riggs64.
	+ Added 2 additional skins for the Denver Rio Grand rollingstock by Riggs64.
	+ Added the K Class Rail Box by Bidahochi.
	+ Added the LSSP7 by Bidahochi.
	+ Added the FOL-M1 by Bidahochi.
	+ Added the short and long closed hoppers by Bidahochi.
	+ Added the Rock Island GS4 skins by Bidahochi.
	+ Added the Lime EMD F7 A and B skins by Prof_Binky.
	+ Added the red class 66 skin by MadFrogs.
	+ Added the E103 by sebasver
	+ Added the BP4 by Bidahochi.
	+ Added the Heavyweight Baggage car by ApocTheWanderer (commissioned by DemonOrca95) 
	+ Added bogies for the E10 by Sebasver.
	+ Updated GS4 bogie by Broscolotos.
	+ Added a bogie for the Rheingold set by Sebasver.
	+ Updated Rheingold models and skins by Sebasver.
	+ Updated C62 model and skins by Broscolotos.
	+ Updated GP7 skins from wcfb75
	+ Updated E10 model and textures from Sebasver.
	+ New E10 bogie model and texture to go with the updated E10.
	+ Updated Orange EMD F3 B unit skin, and SD40 skins from wcfb75.
	+ Updated white A4 mallard and tender skins by MadFrogs.
	+ Updated the trains and stock by Riggs64.
	+ Updated the Southern 1102 now named the "baldwin 4-6-0" and it's tender, by Riggs64.
	+ New Computercraft based driving assistant blocks and GUI tools (aka MTC) by PeachMaster.