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Filename Traincraft-4.3.5_014.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Dec 16, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 10.68 MB
Downloads 66,131
MD5 82ab63279f71bc1a606d8ac4a798cd9a
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


	+ TMT updated to the latest version from TiM (which is a spinoff from FCL), should improve FPS, and also fixes rotated shapeboxes and shapes
	+ Winter skins expanded to january
	+ Model converter and old TMT models updated to new render
	+ Electric trains now check in a 3 block range above them for overhead wires, the performance of the check was also improved slightly so it should balance out
	- Removed some unnecessary typecasts (should improve performance a little)
	+ Jukebox cart is a little more reliable now
	+ B units now have a more proper description, and also add to the haul weight when not fueled
	+ Recipe bugs for crafting tables are fixed, crafting works again
	+ Fixed some bugs with the keybinds
	+ Fixed the linking distance of sever trains and rollingstock
	+ Various smoke effects fixed
	+ Stat fixes to the deltic and class 85 by @Mutt_1066

	+ Generic freight truck(bogie) model by @broscolotos
	+ Added the propaganda cars by @broscolotos 
	+ Added the Ice car by @Mutt_1066 (it's a modified slate car)
	+ Added the winter minetrain skin by @Mutt_1066 
	+ DD35 A and B unit, credit goes to @gevoo
	+ Complete rework of the A4 mallard, model by @Larky2k and texture from @broscolotos, wheels from @will
	+ Complete reowrk of the A4 mallard's tender, model by @Larky2k and texture from @broscolotos
	+ New F7/F3 A and B unit models and textures by EternalBlueFlame
	+ New Snow plow steam engine, that actually plows snow, model by @gevoo