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Filename Traincraft-4.3.4_012.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Oct 16, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 10.19 MB
Downloads 1,362
MD5 c22addb804a63d874e4a2879a20758a3
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


	+ Added config option to force texture binding, may fix render bugs for some users.
	+ Added config option to disable NEI registrations (they're kinda broken anyway)
	+ Removed some overrides to the minecart core's datawatchers, should prevent some bugs
	+ Fixed the zeppelin consuming any item in fuel slot and only giving fuel if base game value was less than 1000 (coal is 1600)
	+ Fixed the boxcar linking distance
	+ Fixed some redundant management of train rotation on load, this might fix a lot of problems.... or have no effect at all. we'll find out
	+ Fixed some potential conflicts from variables having the same names
	+ Fixed some name issues reported by Thomas4peyton
	+ Fixed the datawatchers that shouldnt be there, apparently they are needed by EntityMinecart, and not initialized by EntityMinecart
	+ Fixed some bugs with the linking not actually linking
	+ Fixed some recipies using steel instead of iron
	+ Fixed some recipe conflicts with railcraft
	+ Fixed ore directory name for plastic
	+ Fixed a bug with the lavacart render
	+ Fixed some z-buffer issues on the 0-4-0 alice
	+ Fixed some rotation bugs on the Climax
	+ Fixed a bug in the crafters that caused crashes from too many results, and it should also fix the duplicate entry bugs
	+ Added some missing calls in the jukebox cart, might fix the sound bugs
	+ Reworked TMT a bit to improve performance and reduce VRAM use
	+ Made some changes to the train/rollingstock render to hopefully improve performance
	+ Players should no longer take trains with them when they log out
	+ Reworked rail render, should have a good bit less RAM use and hopefully a bit less CPU
	+ Fixed some boolean checks that were complex and would still always return the same value
	+ Switched some if statements to terinaries, should help CPU use
	+ Small performance enhancements to the linking calculations
	+ Textures are now cached, should improve performance a decent bit
	+ Small improvement to drawing calls in the render, may fix some bugs and improve performance
	+ Controls should now be blocked while the chat window is open
	+ Diesel trains got a stat update courtesy of Mutt_1066
	+ Airships no longer drop the airship item in creative mode
	- Removed a LOT of unnecessary typecasts, and local variable declararions
	+ Added config option to disable the train workbench
	+ Changed the color of the diesel canister to a more realistic color
	+ Locomotive Detector track can now be set by train type. Change by KennyPeachKing aka PeachMaster | finished by NitroxydeX
	+ Lava cart now uses storage based on fluid heat
	+ Added new GS4 rollingstock skins by Trainman, (Eternal added the texture noise)
	+ Added new GS4 engine and tender skin (blue) by Trainz1901
	+ Added the BR185 Electric train by Mothership_Q
	+ Added new F7 and F3 icons by Mothership_Q
	+ Added new 4-4-0 skin by Miner47000
	+ Added the Class 85 by Kutoari
	+ Added the Deltic by Kutoari
	+ Added the EWS Class 66 by Kutoari
	+ Added the Coranation Class and it's tender by Larky2k
	+ Added the CSX skins for the Box Cart US, Freight Wellcar, and Tank Wagon US by broscolotos
	+ Added the new MILW_H1044 skin by broscolotos