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Filename Traincraft-4.3.3_010.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Sep 11, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 9.10 MB
Downloads 983
MD5 d27b53faa366dc45c0bdf020b2fb7070
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


	+ Pipes and RF storage that implement the CoFH API can now be used as overhead wires for electric trains (RF battery   item, and redstone fuels are still supported)
	+ Players that are OP and creative mode now get a message showing the train or rollingstock's owner when destorying it, should help with anti-griefing
	+ Improved fuel management, many new fuels should now be supported in trains and zeppelins
	+ Textures have been re-compressed, making the mod significantly smaller without reducing quality
	+ Added in the render from Trains in Motion, this will allow trains to be made in SMP toolbox, this should also help performance
	+ Trains now have forwards, backwards, and brake that are bound to the forward, backward and jump keys, these are still effected by the direction you are facing
	+ All models that previously used the old render have been converted to work with the new render
	+ CustomModelRenderer has been rewritten to work as a converter from the old format to the new one
	+ Various performance enhancements
	+ Varouls language file enhancements and additions
	+ Fixed a crash with the render positioning
	- The recipe for the Mallard and IC4 along with their rollingstock has been disabled
	+ Fixed an item dupe bug
	+ Trains now manage chunkloading for the bogies, and it is now done in a 3x3 radius, so that should fix the issues
	+ Fixed a potential crash due to improper array use in the tier 3 crafter
	+ Added ore directory support for iron in recipies
	+ Fixed linking distance for the yellow minecart (it's not perfect, but it's as close as the code lets us get)
	+ Fixed the distance for the cart hauler
	+ Fixed a crash with the rail-gag due to a non-type safe variable.
	- Removed a proximity check when mobs collide with trains, should fix the collision bugs for running mobs over
	+ Fixed a bug where train would stop immediatley when pressing space
	+ Fixed a bug where a train's speed could be increased faster by holding the sprint key
	+ Fixed a missing type declaration in the RenderEnum
	+ Added some much needed cast type checks in the linking management, should help prevent entity corruption on server restart
	+ Added 3 new road crossings variants
	+ Fixed recipe for small TC rails using steel instead of iron
	+ Powered track can now draw RF from below the track
	+ Windmills now check if there is a sky
	+ Hearth Furnace can now be disabled
	+ Fixed a bug where Distil breaks when OreGen is disabled
	+ Fixed damage bugs with the Composite suit

	+ The heavy tender from versions past has been added back, with a new texture by Lunar Tales
	+ Added the DRWG Stock Car by Thomas4Peyton
	+ Added new yellow skin by Thomas4Peyton for one of the passenger cars
	+ Added new Freight Hopper US, a new boxcar skin, a new sd70 skin, and 3 StockCar skins by Mutt_1066
	+ Added 2 new passenger skins and a new c62 skin by Broscolotos
	+ Added the 0-4-+2T GLYN by Larky2k
	+ Added the 0-4-0 Alice by Larky2k
	+ Added the 2-6-2T by Larky2k
	+ Added the GTNG Ore Wagon by Larky2k
	+ Added the 4-0-2 climax made by Larky2k
	+ Added the 040 vertical boiler locomotive made by Larky2k
	+ Added the vertical boiler Shay made by Larky2k
	+ Added the slate wagon by Larky2k
	+ Added the PRR caboose and it's 2 alternate skins by Mr. Rail
	+ Added the PRR boxcar by Mr. Rail
	+ Added the ICE1 and 3 rollingstock for it by MaxiKevey
	+ Added the MILW H10-44 by gevoo
	+ Added the GS4 and 5 rollingstock for it by Vladimir Lenin
	+ Added the EMD F7 by ApocTheWanderer
	+ Added the EMD F3 by ApocTheWanderer
	+ Added the EMD F7 B-unit by ApocTheWanderer
	+ Added the EMD F3 B-unit by ApocTheWanderer
	+ Added the missing recipe for the center beam freight car