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Filename Traincraft-4.3.1_006.jar
Uploaded by NitroxydeX
Uploaded Jan 29, 2017
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 11.45 MB
Downloads 1,556
MD5 49c0551a2578e6ebf759da7772ea64d1
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Java 8
Java 7


		- Fixed an incorrect entry for Diesel fluid in the language files
		- Fixed an incorrect spelling for Lime color in AbstractTrains
		- Fixed water amount in steam trains not always updating
		- Fixed the rollingstock pushing each other into high speeds without the train
		- Fixed rollingstock fusing into the train
		- Removed ability for skeletons to destroy trains and rollingstock
		- Fixed a crash related to the gag rail
		- Fixed the item dupe glitch with the crafting bench where the result was available on every crafting bench on the server rather than only the one it's actually being made on
		- Fixed a glitch with the composite armor making the player invincible
		- Nerfed the cloth armor to be more in line with the other armor stats
		- Added ability to disable the coal dust recipe (courtesy of @NitroxydeX)

		- Added the A4 Mallard and it's tender.
			- Icon courtesy of Lunar Tales.
			- Model and textures by Spacek, fixed up by ApocTheWanderer.
		- Fixed trains slowing when no rider is present and stopping when going around corners.