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Welcome to ToxinCraft!

In this mod you will see everything you ever dreamed of being added in the vanilla experience: lot of new materials, mobs and biomes, mechanics and a lot more to coming.

Everything in this mod will make your adventure last even longer.


Are you ready to fight the EnderDemons in the new Oasis biome with your Soul Scythe?


The mod is updated monthly, but you will see new contents every week with little sneak peeks.



!this mod is still an alpha,verything isn't added yet!


Everything added so far:

ToxinCraft 1.15.2. v 0.5 Added:

-Ivory Sword

-EnderOasis biome (alongside with new dirt and grass)

-Ender Tree (Sapling, logs, planks and derivied)

-Amber Ore


-Amber War Axe

-Mummy mob

-Lapis and Gold

-Enchanted Core

-Scorpion Charm

-Ender Topaz Ore

-Ender Topaz

-Dirty bandages


-First Aid

-Scorpion mob

-Scorpion claw

-Soul Golem mob

-Soul Skeleton mob


-Soul Collector

-Soul gem

-Baby Dragon mob

-EnderDemon mob

-Ender Topaz Armor set

-Ender Topaz Dagger

-Soul scythe

-Dragon tooth

-Dragon Charm

-Emerald machete

-Quartz Tomahawk

-Lapis and gold katana

-Soul Armor Set

-Amber Armor set


 ToxinCraft 1.15.2. v 1.0 Added:

-Updated SoulGolem loot and spawn

-Updated Mummy loot and spawn

-Updated SoulSkeleton loot

-Updated EnderDemon loot and spawn

-Updated BabyDragon loot and spawn

-Updated scorpion loot and spawn

-Dragonfly mob

-Updated Soul Collector GUI

-SoulGem updated: now it’s “Soul in a bottle”. Functionalities have NOT changed

-The SoulCollector is now waterloggable

-Increased Amber Axe damage

-Soul Jar (decoration block)

-Possessed Soul

-Lost Soul

-Bright Soul

-Azariel mini-boss

-Azazel mini-boss

-Asbeel mini-boss


ToxinCraft 1.15.2. v 1.5 Added:

-ToxinCraft creative inventory tab

-Ender calendula plant

-Crocus plant

-Soul Altar (only craftable, currently no use)





-Desert Lizard

-Little scorpion




-Soulino (still wip)

-Amber block

-Ender Topaz block

-Soul stone

-Soulstone brick

-Chiselled soul stone

ToxinCraft 1.15.2. v 1.5fix Added:


-Modified Otter AI

-New topaz block texture

-Dragonflies can spawn in swamps now






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