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Towns and Towers





Important news: Development on the 1.18.2 versions has been put on hold. At some point, we might go back and release a big update as we did for update 1.9. This is because working on multiple versions at the same time is time-consuming and slows development significantly. Plus, please understand that I also have real-life stuff to attend to. Thanks for understanding!



What is Towns and Towers?


       Towns & Towers is a mod that aims to expand upon the 1.14 update created by Mojang with new villages, pillager outposts, and even brand-new ships. The structures themselves are a bit more detailed than their vanilla counterparts, but they still fit seamlessly into the world. Not only that but many are inspired by real-life buildings or architectural styles, giving them a fresh new feel. There are over 50 structures added by Towns and Towers so far (as of update 1.9), so have fun exploring! And remember, it’s not the destination that’s important, but the journey to get there.


Frequently asked questions


       These are just some of the most asked questions we’ve had from people, but if you have any more, please leave a comment down below and we’ll try to help you as best we can.


1. Is it safe to update Towns and Towers to a newer version?
In general yes. Just note that sometimes when we update a few things get changed, so there might be a bit of console spam. If any serious problems arise because of that, let us know. And, as always, make backups. Better be safe than sorry.

2. Is it safe to add Towns and Towers to an already existing world?
Yep. Just note that the new structures will only spawn in newly generated chunks.

3. Is this mod for Forge or Fabric/Quilt?
Both. We have a universal version for both (now three?) mod loaders.

4. How can I locate the new structures?
For 1.18.2: /locate towns_and_towers:[structure_from_list]
For 1.19+: /locate structure towns_and_towers:[structure_from_list]
Note that some structures have the exclusives tag added in front. Those structures cannot be located if you only have T&T installed. You also need to have one of the mods that T&T is paired with. For a full list, scroll down below (if I remember to add it...).

5. Does Towns and Towers modify existing vanilla structures?
As of the latest update, no. Only new structures are added.

6. What about the loot of these structures?
The majority of structures use vanilla loot tables for better mod compatibility (see the Compatibility section below for more info), but they also use some custom loot tables to better integrate said structures into the world. You will still find pillager outpost loot in pillager outposts, profession chests in villages, as well as bells, workstations, etc., but also new stuff like food, armor, and other goodies.

7. How can I report bugs/issues/suggestions?
Write them down below in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible and as best as possible. I’m still relatively new to all of this, so excuse that.

8. Can I include Towns and Towers into my modpack?
Sure, but make sure to give credit and a link to our page.

9. 1.16.5???




       As a rule of thumb, Towns and Towers is pretty much compatible with the majority of mods out there. However, some features from other mods won't currently appear in our structures. In this section, you'll find what mods Towns and Towers is compatible with.


Down below are some general things in regard to compatibility. For a full list of compatible mods with Towns and Towers, please see this list here.


  • World generation mods
           Towns and Towers is compatible with some of the larger worldgen mods, such as Terralith, Biomes O’ Plenty, Biomes You’ll Go, etc. This means that not only will you find structures from T&T in both vanilla and the specific biomes added by these mods, but you will also encounter unique and exclusive structures found only when you have these mods installed. Examples include the Mediterranean village and Pillager vineyard, Wandering Trader camp, pre-1.14 villages, and many more! There is also no need for extra compatibility packs or changes. Just load T&T with any of these mods and you are good to go. Keep in mind that not all of these play nicely with one another, so pick and choose.


  • Mods that add new structures

       Our mod is also compatible with other structure mods, like Repurposed Structures, When Dungeons Arise, ChoiceTheorem’s Overhauled Villages, or mods that modify the vanilla villages or vanilla loot tables. In general, T&T is compatible with all mods that add new structures. Just keep in mind that if you load too many of these mods without doing some changes, some structures may overlap.


  • Mods that modify existing structures

       At the moment, our villages don’t contain some features from other mods. Examples include the Guard Villages (there are no guard villagers in the new villages), Bountiful, or Waystone mod. The features of these mods can still be found in vanilla villages. In the future, we want to follow what TelepathicGrunt did and create some compatibility datapcks for these, so if you have any suggestions for mods that need compatibility with T&T, do let us know. Down below we have a list of mods we plan on adding compatibility with.


Planned mod integration


       This is a list of mods we plan to pair with Towns and Towers in the near future and the current status on that respective project. This means adding features from those mods into our structures. For example, adding guard villagers from the Guard Villagers mod into our villages (that's a mouthful).

       This will be done via a series of datapacks, similar to Repurposed Structures. If you have any more suggestions for what mods we can pair Towns and Towers with, let us know in the comments. 


  • Guard Villagers --- DONE
  • Fabric waystones --- DONE
  • Waystones (the original one) --- DONE
  • Farmer’s Delight --- [WORKED ON]
  • More Villagers --- [WORKED ON]
  • Savage and Ravage --- [WORKED ON]
  • Bountiful --- [WORKED ON]
  • Paragliders --- [PLANNED]
  • Incubation --- [PLANNED]
  • Domestication Innovation --- [PLANNED]
  • Friends and Foes --- [PLANNED]
  • PneumatiCraft --- [PLANNED]
  • Etched --- [PLANNED]
  • Immersive Engineering --- [PLANNED]
  • Advanced Peripherals --- [PLANNED]
  • Drunken Mug --- [PLANNED]


Modifying Towns and Towers


       Say you want to modify Towns and Towers. As of update 1.10, we finally have a proper config now, thanks to Cristelknight! You can find 2 json files in .minecraft/config/towns_and_towers. One is for disabling structures and the other one is for changing structure rarity. You'll know which one is which, as they have proper names. If you are playing on an older version of Towns and Towers, please check out our PMC page to see how you can manually modify the pack (THIS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY THOUGH).


Extra info about the structures

       If you want to just explore and have fun, skip this section. If you are still here, here’s some extra info for you related to the structures from T&T.


       The pack was originally designed as a datapack and later converted as a mod thanks to Robified, which is why we have some limitations at the moment. The pack contains 56 structures as of patch 1.9:

  • 1 secret structure
  • 28 outposts (7 of those exclusives)
  • 3 ships/ocean structures
  • 24 villages (8 of those exclusives)

1. Villages

       Villages, in general, are in line with what the vanilla game has to offer. You will find all professions in almost all villages (with a few exceptions). Bells, cats, and iron golems can be found at the town centers, just like in vanilla. As for the loot, all villages use vanilla loot tables for the respective professions' chests, and the majority use vanilla loot tables for the normal houses.
       Other than that, there are a few more villagers than in vanilla villages, so keep that in mind. You might have a bit of lag when entering one of these, so it’s best to pre-gen your world.

2. Pillager Outposts

       Outposts perhaps received the biggest change overall. They are now grander, more imposing, and have a lot more loot and pillagers.
       The outposts can be classified into three main groups: towers, forts, and camps. Depending on the type, you will encounter a different number of pillagers, but the loot is the same in all of them. You'll still find the same pillager outpost loot in all of them, plus some more, which makes them much more worthwhile to raid now.

       Each outpost now spawns the first time with a pillager outpost (generally at the top), so be careful.
       Allays have also been added as of patch 1.8. Instead of a random number per outpost like in vanilla, you will now find a set number of them, depending on the outpost type as such:

  • 2 allays — fort outposts
  • 1 allay — tower outposts
  • 0 allays — camp outposts

       Finally, pillagers still spawn around pillager outposts, though at different rates, depending on the size of the outpost.

3. Ships

       Have you ever thought about where all those shipwrecks came from? Well, now you know the answer. Not only will you find villages and outposts on land, but also on the sea.
       3 structures can be found in the oceans of the overworld as follow:

  • Villager fleet (deep ocean biomes except for frozen and warm biomes)
  • Pillager Galleon (deep ocean biomes except for frozen and warm biomes)
  • Flotsam / Wreckage (normal ocean biomes except frozen biomes)

4. Secret structure

       This one is a remnant of another add-on for WWOO, but we thought it would be a shame to lose it, so we implemented it. We won't say what it is though. Don’t want to spoil all of the fun, after all.


Structure Gallery

       Don’t want to spend time exploring but are still curious about the new structures? No worries! You'll find a gallery with every structure added by Towns and Towers (so far) here.


Socials and other platforms

       Thanks to WilliamWythers, we have our own section in his discord for Towns and Towers, where you can ask us various stuff related to our pack. Towns and Towers is also available on Modrinth and on Planet Minecraft (the original datapack version).




       Big thanks to Robified, as well as chad Cristelknight for helping with the mod version!
       Also a big shoutout to TelepathicGrunt for answering my stupid questions lol.
       Finally, a big shoutout to William Wythers for making a place for us on his discord and to Kubek, the glorious madman behind the pack.
       The rest of the credits can be found here:



* Birch outpost (mushroom roof tower) inspired by Frqnny’s villager market from Mo’ Structures (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mo-structures)
* Sparse Jungle and Wooded badlands outposts (bandit camps) made by William Wythers, later remastered with tent designs inspired by Goldrobin
* Desert outpost (ruined desert manor) used from patrykss desert house pack and heavily modified (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/schematic-desert-house-pack-by-patrykss/)
* Mediterranean (vineyard) and Old Growth Taiga (fortified polish cabin) outposts made by Kubek, later remastered
* Tudor and remastered vanilla outpost heavily inspired by u/swordself_mc and tweaked
* Flower forest (Japanese watchtower) outpost design made from Cortezerino’s tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByM-Lyeocnw&t=2s) and tweaked
* Grove (ruined fort), and Tiaga (fire watch tower) outpost designs inspired by blockdown_builds and tweaked. Part of Kubek’s old desert hills outpost was also repurposed and used here.
* Meadow (Medieval Tower) outpost design used from Novv’s medieval building pack (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/medieval-building-bundle-98192/) and tweaked
* Snowy plains (castle/prison) outpost design inspired by Oldshoes’s Isolated island fort and heavily modified (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/isolated-island-fort/)
* Snowy slopes (church) outpost design used from TheHyperboloid’s Small Medieval Church and heavily modified (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/small-medieval-church-5128506/)
* Mushroom outpost design used from Dyiing’s schematic and heavily modified (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/mushroom-house-schematic-litematic-fully-furnished/)
* Desert Oasis outpost (oriental tower) design inspired by PAV’s Japarabic Building Bundle (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/japarabic-houses-building-bundle-by-pav/)
* Swedish outpost (nordic church) inspired by this https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/rnjppa/i_really_need_to_get_something_better_to_build/ and changed a bit
* Badlands, Forest, Savanna, Beach, Snowy Beach, Sunflower Plains, Swamp, Rustic, and Alpha Islands outposts, as well as any tweaks/remasters/changes made by Biban_Auriu

* Snowy taiga outpost (Viking tower) inspired by this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/kt1ngw/i_rebuilt_and_redesigned_the_pillager_outpost/


* Villager Fleet made by Kubek, with mothership remade by Biban_Auriu
* Pillager Galleon and Flotsam made by William Wythers, remade by Biban_Auriu


*Jungle, Badlands, Forest, Wandering trader camp and Wooded Badlands camp made by William Wythers, later remastered by Biban_Auriu
* Flower forest village made by Fusion Swarly, slightly tweaked by Biban_Auriu
* Swamp®, Sunflower Plains®, Sparse Jungler®, Snowy Slopes(t), Old Growth Taiga(t), Meadow(t), Mediterranean(t), Swedish(t), Alpha Islands, Beach®, Viking, Rustic(t), and Tudor villages(t) made by Kubek.
    r - remastered by Biban_Auriu
    t - tweaked by Biban_Auriu

* Birch Forest, Grove, and Mushroom village made by Biban_Auriu

* Secret structure made by William Wythers, remastered by Biban_Auriu