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Town Builder is a mod designed for map makers and server owners. It allows for the creation of a plot system that allows players to buy houses or other structures. 


An example of this mod in use can be found in the TolkiencraftII mod pack.


For a video tutorial on how to use Town Builder

(note that video was created before town builder became a seperate mod. The command has changed to "town-builder" but everything else is the same.)


And, to those who don't read the information on the actual download page, this mod requires brandonscore.


Note to map makers and server owners using this mod

I myself am not a map maker or a server owner. This mod was made at the request of GreatOrator (The author of the TolkiencraftII pack).

To improve this mod i am open to input from map makers and server owners. So if you would like to use this mod in your map/on your server but you fell it is missing something please let me know and i will most likely add it.


Please submit feature requests ether on github or mcf


Minecraft Forum: (Thread dose not exist yet)