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[Forge] This mod adds tall towers in your world, inspired by The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild.


This will make your explorations a bit more exciting !

At the top of the tower (which is purposely not so easy to climb), you will find a chest with some loot, as well as a nice view :)

The mod is compatible with every world gen / structure mod and can be configured (set spawn rate, biome blacklist, etc.)

Plus, it is also compatible with the Waystones mod. If you have both mods installed, a waystone will spawn at the top of each tower! (this can be changed in the config file)


This mod does not add any blocks or items to the game (if that matters to you).



1.16.3/1.16.4 - 2.0.1 patch is now available !



- Prevents the entire tower area from spawning on rivers and blacklisted biomes.
- Ocean towers now cannot spawn above a certain sea ground level (38)
- Decreased slightly the tower rarity to compensate the changes above


How to config the mod

1. Open "towers_of_the_wild-common.toml" in your Instances/*YourModpack*/config folder with a universal file editor (such as Notepad++)

2. Set the values that you want to change in the appropriate fields (lines without hashtags)

3. You're done! Don't forget to save the file.


Note : If you've messed up the file and/or want to reset the config to default, just delete it and forge will recreate a fresh new one.




  More Images :


For modpack creators:

I  just ask you to leave a link to this page. You can also add a comment down below so I am aware that my mod is featured :) (or PM me)


Towers of the Wild is featured in AsianHalfSquat's top ten mods for June!

 btw huge thanks to him for the support <3


Frequently asked questions.

Please read this before posting a comment otherwise I might not answer you

- Will you port this to 1.12 ?

This is not planned for the moment.


- Will you add more structures ?

- Mabye. Stay tuned!


- Forge or Fabric ?

This mod uses the Forge modloader.


- Will you port this to Fabric ?

This is not planned for the moment.


Known issues:


Biomes O Plenty is currently not fully compatible with this mod. The towers will spawn, but might be very close to each other for some unknown reason.




 Check my other mod : Traveler's Index.



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