Tough As Nails

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Filename ToughAsNails-1.12-
Uploaded by GlitchfiendMods
Uploaded Jun 22, 2017
Game Version 1.12   +1
Size 429.93 KB
Downloads 222
MD5 4b6baeb0f9f44218c6791836f8aceaa5
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Build 1.12-
    Matt Caughey: Changed the charcoal filter crafting recipe

Build 1.12-
    Matt Caughey: Added a config option for animal spawns in winter (Closes #261)

Build 1.11.2-
    Adubbz: Fixed spring and summer defaults being the wrong way round

Build 1.12-
    Matt Caughey:
        Fixed summer/spring season temps (Closes #272), switched to Forge's
        entity egg registry (Closes #259), fixed juices/water bottles in
        creative inventory

Build 1.12-
    Adubbz: Attempt to fix a crash outside of the dev environment

Build 1.11.2-
    github: Attempt to fix a crash outside of the dev environment

Build 1.12-
    Adubbz: Switched to using JSON recipes
    Adubbz: Update MCP mappings to the current latest available
        Making build.gradle consistent with BoP to minimize the potential for

Build 1.11.2-
    Adubbz: Bumped the version number

Build 1.11.2-
    Adubbz: Added additional config options for seasons
    Adubbz: Try and appease Jenkins...
    Adubbz: Added temperature config options
    Adubbz: Fixed a crash when setting the season
    Adubbz: Let's try this...

Build 1.9.4-
    github: Mark builds as supporting 1.10 and 1.10.2
    github: Oops...

Build 1.9.4-
    Adubbz: Random change to test jenkins

Build 1.11.2-
    Adubbz: Updated build.gradle so automatic builds will work
    Adubbz: Updated gradle wrapper

Build 1.11.2-
    Adubbz: Removed reflection from the seasons api. Closes #245

Build 1.11.2-
    Adubbz: Fixing up the manifest
    Adubbz: Order matters
    Adubbz: Fix domain for Maven