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Filename Totemic-1.8.9-0.7.jar
Uploaded by ljfa2
Uploaded Apr 4, 2016
Game Version 1.8.9
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MD5 ef3cd325870a6e10b7e255d183100e55
Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions
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Java 8


  • Added Baykok, a skeleton-like boss monster that can be summoned with a ceremony and attacks with invisible arrows. Killing him will grant you his bow. Still kinda WIP.
  • Changed the way how Tipis are rendered. They are no longer a TESR, instead they are using a Wavefront OBJ model now. The rendering should be faster now.
    It also means that resource packs can customize the model now. Unfortunately the z-fighting issues remain until the model's topology is redone, and the lighting can be quirky when blocks are placed inside it.
  • The wind chime item now uses a JSON model instead of the deprecated tile entity item render hook
  • The wind chime can now be used for selecting ceremonies even when it is already playing

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