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Mod adds 4 totems, which defend territory from enemy entities. Totems are configured by configuration items and have 4 base attributes: attack's speed, damage, radius and level.
Upgrade items level depend on totem level — it's not possible to use level 2 items for level 1 totem, but possible use level 1 items for level 2 totem. This would work well for balance.

Steps to configure totem:
1. insert mode (projectile or AoE)
2. insert filter who need to track (enemy, living, player, etc.)
3. insert optionally upgrades
4. enjoy!


You can use this mod in any modpacks without my special permission.

I published source of mod on GitHub and you can add new features :) Please save codestyle in your commits. License Apache-2.0




Craft recipes of the common items and blocks: