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Requires Fabric API and owo-lib.

✨ Features

  • 💡 Dynamic lighting is fully supported with LambDynamicLights.
  • 🌧 Candles and torches will extinguish when rained on.
  • ⏳ Campfires, candles, jack o'lanterns, lanterns, and torches will extinguish over time.
  • 🔥 Bring unlit torches to life during your adventures with fire, lava (flowing, standing, or even in a cauldron!), or flint and steel.
  • 🏊 Wading, swimming, fully submerging in water, or getting rained on can cause jack o'lanterns, lanterns, and torches to extinguish.
  • 💪 Glowstone lanterns and torches for mid/late-game which are waterproof and never die out.
  • 📄 Configurable with files or the settings page provided by integration with Mod Menu.

❗ Compatibility

Should work with most if not all mods that don't modify torches, lanterns, campfires, candles, and jack O' lanterns in an intrusive way.

📝 Todo

  • Add ability for villagers to ignite extinguished light sources
  • Implement crafting grid functionality for flint and steel
  • Build a proper API for developers (i.e., api package, events, javadoc, etc.)
  • Organize, clean, and otherwise re-design the codebase for better maintainability
  • Implement more gametests and add testmods
  • Extend inventory behaviours to mobs as well (i.e., a zombie holding a torch while in water should extinguish)
  • Integrate with Tips, Patchouli, Jade, and Lanterns Belong on Walls
  • Attempt to find a method that doesn't impact the game in an overly negative way to extinguish light sources over time in inventories
  • Finish wiki

📥 Downloads

Also avaliable on Modrinth and GitHub.

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