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This mod is currently being worked on! Development was delayed for Immersive Combat. Check it out :)





  • Massively improved AI
  • Added bandits & orcs
  • Overhauled questing system
  • New quests & legendary boss quests
  • Added boss trophies which give buffs while in a village (similar to beacon effects)
  • New bosses!
  • Updated village structures
  • Extensive config made with modpack makers in mind
  • Added village raids (configurable)
  • Added caravans
  • Added option to recruit guards
  • Guards can block with shields & use bows, and will catch you stealing!
  • Added guard dialogue (highly configurable)
  • Added crime system
  • Updated village factions/houses
  • Each house now has their own unique banner
  • Added Ender Idol item
  • Added configurable trades that get better with higher reputation
  • Many other small tweaks

Best mods to use with:

Better villager skins: Village Names

Better villager trading UI: Gambling Style

Give bandits & guards more weapons: Spartan Weaponry

Add lanterns & decor to the village keep: FutureMCRustic

Want to add your own skins for banditsorcs, and guards? Download the folder here, and place it into your resourcepacks folder. Check the README.txt for more information.


Credit goes to ToroCraft for the original ToroQuest mod.


Orc warrior skin: Yalwyn

Steam golem base skin: Ice_Kreem

Grave titan model: Foreck

Vampire boss model: Foreck

Village Structures: XemnesXIII