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Update notise

2024/01/12 NeoForge 1.20.4 support(Beta).
2024/01/11 Forge, Fabric 1.20.4 support.
2023/06/19 Forge, Fabric, Quilt 1.20.1 support.

Note: When requesting addition of other mods compatibility or support for a new minecraft version, please specify either Forge or Fabric.


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What does this mod do?

This mod adds a bow that can shoot and set up torches.

What kind of recipe?

Torch Bow
Multi Torch
Torch Arrow

How to repair

You can be repaired by using Flint and Steel on the anvil.
※1.14.x and higher only.

How to use

Will need either Forge, NeoForge, Fabric, or Quilt.
・Torch Bow
The TorchBow allows you to consume torches or multi-torches from your inventory and shoot them to place them.
・Multi Torch
The shoot and place nine torches at once.
・Torch Arrow
It is possible to shoot torch arrows using a vanilla bow, and you can also place torches on the ground.
Of course, you can also shoot and place torches using the TorchBow.

Supported Mods (MC 1.7.10 ~ 1.16.2)

Only the Forge version of TorchBowMod is compatible with these mods.
Silent's Gems
Torch Bandoiler
Ceiling Torch


  • Japanese(日本語)
  • English(英語)
  • German(ドイツ語)
  • Russian(ロシア語)
  • Korean(韓国語).
  • Chinese(中国語 繁体字)

Contact us & Other

Twitter: 🍢🐟煮込みすぎたおでん🐟🍢 @noriokun_blog
Mail:noriokun.official.mail☆gmail.com (☆=@)


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