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Torch Bandolier adds an item that stores a large number of torches and can place them. This is currently just like the one from Silent's Gems 2, but I thought it deserved its own mod.


How To Use


(1.14.x) The recipe above now crafts an empty torch bandolier. Craft an empty torch bandolier with a supported torch to set the type. The mod supports vanilla torches and Silent Gear stone torches by default. Mods could add additional types. Possible torch bandoliers and recipes should show up in JEI. Completely empty a torch bandolier (see "Extracting Torches" below) to reset it to an empty torch bandolier.

(1.12.2) Only vanilla torches are supported, so there is no need to set the torch type.

Placing Torches

Just right-click as if you were holding a stack of torches. This will place a torch, assuming the bandolier has any. No torches are consumed if the player is in creative mode.

Extracting Torches

(1.14.x) Place the torch bandolier in a crafting grid to extract torches a stack at a time. This will disable auto-fill mode so the bandolier won't just reabsorb the torches.

(1.12.2) Sneak and left-click to throw out a stack of torches. You may want to disable auto-fill first...


Torch bandoliers will occasionally search the player's inventory for torches to absorb. You can disable this by sneaking and using (shift + right-click) the torch bandolier. The tooltip of the torch bandolier will tell you whether auto-fill is currently on or off.