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While 1.16 versions have default/example configs, they do not have documentation yet. Use at your own risk.

Topography is a mod designed to allow modpack developers the ability to create custom defined dimensions for their modpacks using a scripting system. Custom terrain generators, skyboxes, spawn structures, world presets and more are available.

Currently Implemented Features


  • Sky Island Terrain Generator
  • Overworld Generator
  • Scattered Block Generator
  • Fluid Pocket Generator
  • Hanging Crystal Generator
  • Deformed Sphere Generator
  • Cell Noise Generator
  • Layer Generator
  • Ice and Snow Generator
  • Biome Block Replacement Generator
  • Vanilla Fire Generator
  • Vanilla Lava Pocket Generator
  • Vanilla Glowstone Generator
  • Vanilla Quartz Generator
  • Vanilla Decoration Generator
  • Vanilla Animal Generator
  • Vanilla Cave Generator
  • Vanilla Ravine Generator
  • Vanilla Lake Generator
  • Vanilla Dungeon Generator


  • Nether Fortress
  • End City
  • Mansion
  • Mineshaft
  • Ocean Monument
  • Stronghold
  • Village
  • Temple


  • World presets to allow players to choose between multiple world options for your modpack. Presets can have descriptions and images to make the different options very clear to the player. Presets can also be locked by default, and unlocked with a command, allowing for certain presets to be locked behind an advancement, quest or the Prestige mod.
  • Custom world creation screen.
  • Set a custom void world spawn structure.
  • Set fog color with celestial angle color transition.
  • Set custom skybox with celestial angle image transition.
  • Enable short-distance spherical fog like in the vanilla nether.
  • Set a static celestial angle for permanently day, night, sunset, etc.
  • Disable sky rendering altogether.
  • Disable clouds.
  • Disable skylight.
  • Make single biome dimensions.
  • Modify the brightness of light.
  • Add effects such as attributes modifiers or damage in a certain light level to entities.
  • Disable respawning.
  • Vaporize water.
  • Force Hardcore.
  • Force initial difficulty.
  • Lock difficulty.
  • Run initial command functions on the player when they join the world.
  • Run initial command functions on the server when the world is first created.

Documentation and example presets are shipped with the mod. 

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