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Filename topaddons-1.10.2-0.14.1.jar
Uploaded by DrManganese
Uploaded Jun 3, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 164.83 KB
Downloads 242,731
MD5 f1d1ec8f5bcfc4ebd1815d50cea8dd9c
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.9 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


New features

  • [Vanilla] Animal aging and breeding cooldown

Bug fixes

  • [StorageDrawers] No longer assume maximum stacksize = 64
  • [Blood Magic] Seer sigil in sigil of holding now shows altar crafting progress
  • Attempt at fixing Element ID mismatch NPE when server has disabled mods but client hasn't

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