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🏷️What's Tooltip Tweaks?


Tooltip Tweaks is a mod for Minecraft that adds new tooltips and improves existing tooltips while allowing you to freely disable the ones you dislike with Mod Menu. Such tooltips include displaying tool durability, food point healing and status effects, etc..


🖥️ Current Feature List



  • Display tool durability as percentage/fraction
  • Adjust tool durability decimal count
  • Display tool durability as "Remaining Uses"
  • Limit "Remaining Uses" to a certain durability threshold


  • Display food hunger restoration
  • Display food saturation
  • Display food status effects
  • Display Suspicious Stew status effects


  • Display Beehive bee and honey count
  • DIsplay Clock time as 12/24 hour
  • Display Lodestone Compass coordinates and dimension ID
  • Display Shulker Box tooltip as vanilla, enhanced, or inventory style
  • Adjust amount of Items previewed in Shulker Box tooltip


There are currently no plans to port Tooltip Tweaks to Forge or older versions.