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This adds a gps arrow to minecraft to help you navigate your world.


The arrow will disappear after 3 seconds of being within 3 blocks of the destination.



/tomtom <x> <y> <z> [display text]

/tomtom clear

/tomtom edit

    This command allows you to move the gps arrow.



     * @param mod Your @Mod.instance object.
     * @param player The player we are setting the gps for.
     * @param pos The destination position.
     * @param text The short description of the destination

    public static void sendTomTomPos(Object mod, EntityPlayer player, BlockPos pos, String text)
        NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound();
        tag.setLong("location", pos.toLong());
        tag.setLong("uuid-most", player.getUniqueID().getMostSignificantBits());
        tag.setLong("uuid-least", player.getUniqueID().getLeastSignificantBits());
        tag.setString("text", text);
        FMLInterModComms.sendRuntimeMessage(mod, "tomtom", "setPointer", tag);

 1.9+ features:

  • You can customize your arrow by going into Mods(Mod Options ingame)>TomTom>Config>Edit Arrow(top left)
  • In world bobbing arrow
  • Foot arrow
  • Easly movable HUD arrow with mouse
  • Added the ability for arrow packs
    • You just need to make a .zip/.jar with the following paths. 
      •  /assets/tomtom/arrows/<your_arrow>.json
      • /assets/tomtom/models/arrows/<your_arrow>/<your_arrow>.obj & <your_arrow>.mtl
      • /assets/tomtom/textures/arrows/<your_arrow>/
    • Textures that you want to use for ALL arrows can be placed in:
      • /assets/tomtom/textures/arrows/universal/
    • Once you have your .zip/.jar place in the resource pack folder.
"model": "arrows/<your_arrow_folder>/<your_arrow>.obj",
"textureFolder": "arrows/<your_arrow_folder>/",
"useUniversalTextures" : "true"


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