Tome of Blood: Rebirth


Tome of Blood: Rebirth

Curseforge Modrinth Discord License: LGPL v3

Adds compatibility between Ars Nouveau and Blood Magic in the form of new Spell books and Equipment!

Features :

  • Tome of Blood - Spell books that use LP to cast instead of mana
  • Glyph of Sentient Harm - Does sentient damage and scales with the amount Demon will
  • Heretic's Armor - a new armor that mixes Blood magic living armor with Ars Nouveau Perk System
  • Mint Tea - item to help LP generation early game
  • New perks and living armor upgrades!

For a full overview, check the Tome of Blood section of the Worn Notebook (Ars Nouveau Patchouli Guidebook)


  • All the code in this repository is under LGPLv3 License.