Tombstone: Revived


Corail Tombstone has since been restored and is now maintained by Darkhax. Tombstone: Revived's files are now marked as archived. Please visit the original mod's project page.

Corail Tombstone Project Page

A revival of the Corail's Tombstone mod. This (in theory) should be a drop-in replacement without any change required to current worlds.

Tombstone handles your death in Minecraft by providing over 100 config options, multiple features (like soulbound enchantment, auto-equip, a Grave's Key allowing you to see the grave at a distance, and teleport to the grave with an enchanted key), and several compatibilities between mods.

At the same time, it introduces a slow perk tree: the Knowledge of Death, and a magic system based on some enchantable items with the help of the Souls haunting the Decorative Graves and waiting for a way to be freed for their eternal sentence.


Decorative Graves

The decorative graves are special blocks with a fog particle only during the night. They can be harvested with shovel/pickaxe and can be engraved with the anvil (and an iron lingot in the second slot). The decorative graves can be haunted by a soul, depending on the chance set in the config. The soul stays until used and allows some enchants like magic scroll/tablet, or upgrade the grave's key.


  • TBTeleport: dimensional teleportation to a player or a position
  • TBTeleportDiscovery: teleports to an unexplored village (or a few others structures)
  • TBTeleportVillage: teleports to an explored village
  • TBShowLastGrave: shows the last player's grave position
  • TBTeleportGrave: dimensional teleportation to the last known grave of a player
  • TBTeleportHome: dimensional teleportation to the respawn point of a player
  • TBRestoreInventory: return the grave inventory to its owner
  • TBRecovery: manually backups all players (or one), or rollbacks a player from an old save
  • TBKnowledge: allows setting the knowledge points of a player
  • TBSiege: starts a Zombie Siege (mainly to test your configuration about village siege)
  • TBReviveFamiliar: bring back to life your last dead familiar


  • Soulbound: keeps these items on the player after death
  • Shadow Step: reduces the distance that monsters detect you and slightly reduces falling damage (cumulates with sneaking, doesn't work while riding and can only be put on boots)
  • Magic Siphon: absorbs beneficial effects from the target (weapon enchantment)


  • tombstone:ghostly_shape - similar to the effect after your death preventing creatures to attack you, allowing to see clearly in water & by night and preventing most forms of damage
  • tombstone:diversion - prevents creatures from attacking you
  • tombstone:preservation - keeping your beneficial effects after your death
  • tombstone:unstable_intangibleness - makes you invulnerable for 1 second every 5 seconds
  • tombstone:feather_fall - slows your fall and preventing any fall damage
  • tombstone:purification - clears any negative effects on you over time
  • tombstone:true_sight - allows you to see in the dark, underwater, in the fog, and reveals invisible creatures
  • tombstone:reach - increases the range of the player