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ToLaserBlade 1.19.x


ToLaserBlade v5.3.2.0

How to Get Started

1. Craft a Brand-new Laser Blade I or II, and Use It

Holding a brand-new laser blade in your hand and right-clicking, you will obtain a laser blade.

2. Craft a Smithing Table and Upgrade the Laser Blade

Using smithing table, you can upgrade your laser blade.


DX Laser B1ade

  • ID: tolaserblade:dx_laser_blade
  • Tool type: Sword
  • Durability: 255
  • Basic attack damage: 5
  • Basic attack speed: 2.8
  • Enchanting: Available on Enchanting Table or Anvil
  • Sneak-right-clicking a block: place a redstone torch and consume the durability
  • Right-clicking a redstone torch: consume the redstone torch and recover the durability

Crafting Table:

  • R = Redstone Torch; S = Stick
    • R;
    • S;
    • S; -> DX Laser B1ade

Brand-new Laser Blade I

  • ID: tolaserblade:lb_brand_new_1
  • Holding this item in your hand and right-clicking, you will get a laser blade enchanted with Efficiency I and Light Element I

Crafting Table:

  • G = Glass; I = Iron Ingot; D = Diamond; R = Redstone
    • G, I, D;
    • I, D, I;
    • R, I, G; -> Brand-new Laser Blade I

Brand-new Laser Blade II

  • ID: tolaserblade:lb_brand_new_2
  • Holding this item in your hand and right-clicking, you will get a laser blade enchanted with Efficiency I and Light Element II

Crafting Table:

  • g = Glowstone Dust; I = Iron Ingot; D = Diamond; R = Redstone
    • g, I, D;
    • I, D, I;
    • R, I, g; -> Brand-new Laser Blade II

Brand-new Laser Blade

  • ID: tolaserblade:lb_brand_new
  • ID (fireproof): tolaserblade:lb_brand_new_fp
  • This item can be obtained by repairing or fireproofing the laser blade
  • Holding this item in your hand and right-clicking, you can return it to the laser blade

Laser Blade

  • ID: tolaserblade:laser_blade
  • ID (fireproof): tolaserblade:laser_blade_fp
  • Tool type: Sword
  • Durability: 32000
  • Basic attack damage: 7
  • Basic attack speed: 2.8
  • Enchanting: See Upgrading Laser Blades
  • Mining level: 3 or 4 (fireproof)
  • Mining speed: Affected by Efficiency level
  • Repairing: See Repairing Laser Blades
  • When the durability of the laser blade reaches 0, the laser blade will break and you will obtain a broken laser blade

Broken Laser Blade

  • ID: tolaserblade:lb_broken
  • ID (fireproof): tolaserblade:lb_broken_fp
  • Repairing: See Repairing Laser Blades

Not Used Items

These items are not used and have no recipes:

  • Laser Blade Blueprint
  • Disassembled Laser Blade
  • LB Energy Cell
  • Laser Medium
  • Laser Blade Emitter
  • Laser Blade Casing


Changing Laser Blade Colors

Smithing Table:

  • Outer Blade: Laser Blade + Stained Glass
  • Inner blade: Laser Blade + Stained Glass Pane
  • Grip: Laser Blade + Carpet
  • Switching Blend Mode of Outer Blade: Laser Blade + Tinted Glass
  • Switching Blend Mode of Inner Blade: Laser Blade + Block of Amethyst

Changing Laser Blade Model

Smithing Table:

  • Saving Model Type: Laser Blade + Crafting Table
  • Removing Model Type: Laser Blade (with model type saved) + Crafting Table
  • Model Type 0 (Standard): Laser Blade + Glass
  • Model Type 1: Laser Blade + Sand
  • Model Type 2: Laser Blade + Sandstone
  • Model Type 526: Laser Blade + Dirt
  • Model Type 1221: Laser Blade + End Crystal

Upgrading Laser Blades

Smithing Table:

  • Attack Speed (up to 4.0): Laser Blade + Gold Ingot
  • Efficiency: Laser Blade + Block of Redstone
  • Removing Efficiency: Laser Blade + Redstone
  • Attack Damage: Laser Blade + Diamond
  • Light Element: Laser Blade + Glowstone
  • Fire Aspect: Laser Blade + Blaze Rod
  • Sweeping Edge: Laser Blade + Eye of Ender
  • Silk Touch: Laser Blade + Prismarine Crystals / Amethyst Shard / Echo Shard
  • Looting: Laser Blade + Nautilus Shell / Block of Emerald
  • Mending: Laser Blade + Nether Star / Dragon Head / Totem of Undying
  • Fireproof: Laser Blade + Netherite Ingot

Repairing Laser Blades

Smithing Table:

  • Brand-new Laser Blade: Laser Blade (damaged) + Iron Ingot
  • Brand-new Laser Blade: Broken Laser Blade + Iron Ingot

Enchantment: Light Element

  • ID: tolaserblade:light_element
  • Enchanting: See Upgrading Laser Blades
  • Max level: 10
  • Incompatible with Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods
  • Effects: increasing the damage of the laser blade, and dealing the additional damage to undead mobs and illagers

Laser Trap

When you put a laser blade in a dispenser and activate it, you can attack the mobs (of course, players included) in front of the dispenser with the laser blade.

Laser Furnace

When a laser trap is fired at a furnace, it will light the furnace.

Laser Blade Sound Events

You can add audio files that will be played when laser blades are swung.

  • (resource_pack_root_dir)/assets/tolaserblade/sounds/item/dx_laser_blade/swing.ogg
  • (resource_pack_root_dir)/assets/tolaserblade/sounds/item/laser_blade/swing.ogg
  • (resource_pack_root_dir)/assets/tolaserblade/sounds/item/laser_blade_fp/swing.ogg


  • Server-side settings: (world_save_dir)/serverconfig/tolaserblade-server.toml
  • Client-side settings: (game_dir)/config/tolaserblade-client.toml


Didn't Laser Blade support OptiFine's Dynamic Lights before?

Use H1 or later.

What are items like Energy Cell, Medium, Blade Emitter, Casing, and Blueprint for? Planning to add a Laser Blade recipe that uses them?

These items are for players to customize Laser Blade recipes with JSON files for data packs,or scripts for CraftTweaker, so I don't plan to add any recipes using them to the mod.

Example data pack: