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TofuCraftReload No longer Support older version Such as ~1.17.1

We recommend playing TofuCraftReload with 1.18.2 or higher

TofuCraftReload ~1.17.1 などの古いバージョンはサポートされなくなりました



This mod now need bagus lib for tofucraftreload 1.20.4-

このmodは1.20.4-からbagus libが必要になります


Welcome to TofuCraftReload, TofuCraft mod in 1.12.2 ~ minecraft.

TofuCraft is a mod that all about tofu.




If you want know how to do with this mod. you should Install with Patchouli and JEI

もし、何をすればいいかわからない場合、 PatchouliJEIも一緒にダウンロードすることをお勧めします 


First of all, soybeans.
Pick weeds to find soybeans growing mixed in them.
How to cultivate is the same as wheat or carrots.


Make tofu as food, or solidify tofu and use it for armor etc.






also ton's foods and compat!




And There is a new world that is full of tofu! Tofu World!

Tofu foods, Tofu animals, Tofu Mobs and a new Boss in tofu forest.





Have fun in TofuCraftReload ;)


If you want Discussion about this mod? join that discord!



Supported Mod:

Farmer's delight (Add More Food, support farmer's delight effect on tofucraftreload exited foods)


Create(Suppport Automation)



iduki and turtton helping Revamped Content
46mofu for add new texture.
@siu_lab helping translation and making showcase
Rutl-Tri made tofu world music! (https://twitter.com/RoundDelta)
@MajinThorin753 make classic texture!
@uind_w helped Texture too!
RizaSTAR helped new items!
azzy helped new mob!
moromorochan allowed me to use some renderings from his secret project!

Tip: How to make TofuPortal in 1.12.2 or 1.21 or above?

1.First Place Grilled Tofu like Nether Portal

2.Then Right Click With Tofu Stick on Grilled Tofu(make sure Grilled Portal placed like Nether Portal)




Tip: how to make tofuportal in 1.14.4 or above?(Not on 1.21 or above)

1.First, place grilledtofu like this


2.Then pour soymilk into it

3.Click the center of the portal with tofustick to complete



screen shots: