Titans Of Yore

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This is an experimental mod that allows you to create titans that defend you and your base.




2 new items: the Pure Diamond obtainable by smelting diamonds, and the Heart of the Titans that can be crafted with 4 ghast tears and 5 pure diamonds.


A new block: The Shrine. Can be crafted using 4 pure diamonds, 4 stone bricks, and an end crystal. Warning! This block spawns a 5x3x5 structure. Place at the bottom right of where you want it. (Not recommended for indoor use)



A new mob: The Titan. Can be summoned by clicking the shrine with a heart of a titan in your inventory.



Rules and Stuff:


You may not publish this anywhere else and if you want to you have to get my permission and give a good reason.

You may make content using my mod as long as you credit me and leave a link to the curseforge page.

You may use in a modpack as long as you leave a link to the curseforge page for my mod.

Do not take any credit for the mod.


This was made in MCreator





Psst... take a look at Aixiis' mods. They are way better than mine and add some really good stuff.


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