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đź“– About:

Ever wondered why baby zombies are a thing, but baby skeletons are nowhere to be found? Wonder no more, Tiny Skeletons is here to change just that. A baby variant is added for normal skeletons, strays, and wither skeletons. And they all have unique behaviors to stand out from their adult variants.

đź“š Contents:

The new baby skeleton variants spawn just like baby zombies; every time an adult skeleton spawn, there is a chance of 5% it's baby counterpart will spawn instead.

Baby Skeletons are true combat masters. When hunting a target, they'll use their bow for ranged combat. As soon as they come close enough, they'll quickly switch to the wooden sword on their back, and turn to melee combat. All this together with their quick movement speed makes them quite the challenge.

Baby Strays on the other hand don't inherit the bows from their adult variant. They're equipped with snowballs instead, and will throw those right in your face whenever they have the chance. But be careful, they are quite the tiny jerks: Their snowballs have pebbles mixed in, so they'll deal a very tiny amount of damage on impact.

Last but not least, Baby Wither Skeletons are very different from their adult variant. Instead of being aggressive and hunting you down, they're scared you'll steal the wither skeleton skull they carry and will try to flee as soon as you get even a little bit close. But if you manage to corner one and kill it there is a grand reward: You'll be guaranteed to receive that skull! But doesn't that break the balance for obtaining wither skeleton skulls? No, it doesn't, as baby wither skeletons are quite rare. It's just, that when you find one and are able to hunt it down, you'll have a guaranteed wither skeleton skull.

đź“· Media:

Adult skeleton and baby skeleton in a village    Baby skeletons can quickly switch to the sword carried on their back
Baby strays ready to throw some snowballs in your face    Baby wither skeletons holding their precious skulls

🏆 Credits:

Developing Tiny Skeletons was helped and inspired by:

  • Daveyx0 for inspiring the baby skeleton's combat behavior with the skeleton warrior from their Primitive Mobs mod
  • Globox_Z for some of the code for rendering items on the back of baby skeletons from their BackSlot mod
  • Furgle for inspiring baby wither skeletons carrying skulls from their Baby Mobs mod