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Tinkers' Exporter

With more and more mods installed, the Tinkers' manual is getting thicker and thicker.

In this case, it becomes very difficult to go through the manual to find the information you want.

This addon is used to export all materials and traits data of TiC and to provide you a easy way to find something you need.


  • data exporting
  • storing as local files and you do not have to open the game to browse them
  • search materials with filters
  • comparing materials with charts


tconstruct@[1.12.2-,) Link

How to use

Put .jar file into /.minecraft/mods folder and launch the game. After the game starts, the data will be generated in /.minecraft/tic_exporter. Open index.html with any browser then enjoy it.

Armor data will also be exported if there is Construct's Armory installed.

Note: this mod is for client only


Currently we only provide localization of en_us and zh_cn. en_us will be used as default if you launch the game with other languages.


Click the link below to preview the generation

Since only Tinkers' Construct is installed in the test environment, the exported data does not contain materials for other mods.

If there were any materials and traits from any other mods, their data will be also exported as well.



  • Modified some codes and now the generated web application can be opened with more browsers (only newer Chrome is available when 0.1.1)