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Filename TConstruct-1.12-
Uploaded by bonusboni
Uploaded Dec 8, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 3.57 MB
Downloads 72,795
MD5 6b561dd25d5520a37affb13f048e2002
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



- Casting Channels are back, and better than ever! Thanks KnightMiner! (also check out ceramics, where they were tested)
- Kamas are the little brother of scythes, working as shears as well as mowing through plants and crops
- Items in the side-inventory are used for shift-clicking recipies via JEI, again! (Yes, technically not new, but.. new! Again!)
- Chisel blocks should render correctly now

- New ore preference config. This is a list of mod IDs to prefer for recipe outputs from the ore dictionary, such as casting recipes.


Material rebalancing

- Pig-Iron now is a medium-tier material, between iron and steel, and a better handle. It's much cheaper and keeps you topped off with food now. It uses clay instead of emerald now, but more iron. Blood also is easier to get now.
- Cactus now always returns damage when you're holding a cactus tool. It returns more damage when blocking
- Flammable now also sets enemies on fire when you're not blocking (aka when getting hit)
- Prismarine now always has Aquadynamic and a very minor damage buff
- Electrums trait now works for both combat and mining. You also gain charge on hitting enemies or breaking blocks. When breaking a block while charged you get a short boost of Haste(mining speed), when hitting an enemy you get a short boost of speed in addition to the bonus damage
- Lead has more durability and has a new "Heavy" trait which prevents knockback
- Minor nerf to bronze trait
- Silvers holy trait now applies weakness to undead on hit, and deals more damage
- Netherracks damage bonus doubled and also applies to tool heads/blades now



- Glowing modifier now also works from the offhand
- In general traits/modifiers that require no player interaction also work in the offhand
- Blood is more readily available now
- Multiblock controllers can now be placed up to 64 blocks above the floor (was 9)
- As long as a smeltery or tank isn't completely full there will always be an area at the top to check the remaining capacity



- Probably fixed the crash that sometimes happens with blood (and in very rare cases: other fluids) in the smeltery!
- Obsidian bolts head no head-texture
- Fix tooltips on the materials when inspecting bolts
- Fix snow setting on slime fluid (or rather, slime fluid being counted as solid)
- Fixed a hit (sound) issue with projectiles stuck in blocks
- Many small code, localization and visual fixes

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