Tinkers' Compendium (Tinkers' Defense)

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Uploaded Aug 2, 2016
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Bug fixes -

  • Casting TD metals into full guard takes 3 ingots worth instead of 1.
  • Blocking with MnB shields no longer crashes the game.
  • Icons show up in Tinkers' Forge properly.

New stuff -

  • Armor!
    • 3 Types, Cloth, Chain, and Plate
    • Cloth offers no protection but can take magic related modifiers
    • Chain offers Iron level protection and can be built in the standard tool table.
    • Plate offers Diamond level protection and can only be built in the tool forge.
  • Gauntlets (Cosmetic)
  • Wrenches, works with IC2, Mekanism, Buildcraft, and Thermal Expansion.
  • Shears
  • Zweihanders, a new weapon type that does double damage to mounted opponents. Right clicking uses the ability Great Swing which hits all enemies around you in a circle but leaves you weakened and slow for a short time.
  • Modifiers. Lots of new modifiers, some even integrated with other mods.
    • All Tools/Armor
      • Wand Caps (Thaumcraft) Repairs your gear using vis from wands in your inventory.
      • ManaCore (Botania) Repairs your gear using mana from tablets in your inventory.
      • Scabbing (Blood Magic) Repairs your gear using LP from your network.
    • Weapons
      • Daze - Hitting an enemy has a chance of dazing them, causing slowness, nausea, and blindness.
      • TerraCore (Botania) - Swinging your weapon has a chance of shooting a terrabeam, like the terrablade would.
      • Corpse Ivy (Botania) - Hitting enemies refills mana tablets in your inventory.
      • Blood Oath (Blood Magic) - Gives your weapon the chance to drop blood shards when killing enemies. Requires LP.
      • Supping (Blood Magic) - Adds to your LP network every time you strike an enemy.
    • All Armor
      • ElementiumCore (Botania) - Being struck has a chance of unleashing pixies to retaliate.
    • Cloth Armor
      • Vis Embroidery - Weaves Enchanted Fabric into your clothes to reduce the cost of vis use.
      • Mana Embroidery - Weaves Mana Fabric into your clothes to reduce mana used by wands and staves.
    • All headgear
      • NightVision - Lets you see in the dark.
      • Rebreather - Lets you breath underwater using replaceable canisters kept in your inventory.
      • Revealing (Thaumcraft) - Attach goggles of revealing to your helmet to see nodes and essentia quantities. (no modifier cost)
      • Divination (Blood Magic) - Using a rune of Divination lets you see your LP meter as long as you're wearing the helmet. (no modifier cost)
    • All shoes
      • Glow Crystal - Every 8 steps or so the crystal will shed some glow dust on the ground, illuminating your path.
      • Fiery Crystal - Allows you to walk on lava by placing unstable obsidian at your feet.
      • Frigid Crystal - Allows you to walk on water by placing unstable ice at your feet.
      • Flippers - Makes you swim faster underwater.
    • Non-cloth armor
      • Protection - Adding additional plates to your gear makes you resistant to more damage.
      • Projectile protection - Riviting your chainmail makes it harder for projectiles to pierce it.
      • Blast Protection - Padding your gear with additional cloth reduces the damage done by explosions.
      • Fire Protection - Lining your armor with magma cream makes you more resistance to fire damage.
      • Hermes' Feathers (Feet only) - Falling from high places doesn't hurt as much.
    • Shields
      • Feathers - Makes you able to hold your shield up longer.
      • Mirrors - Reflects fireballs shot at you back.
      • Gluttony - Consumes arrows stuck in the shield to repair damage done to it.
      • Sanguisuga - Getting hit sucks hp away from your enemy and repleneshes your own.
      • Thorns - Getting hit causes instant retaliation to your enemy.
      • Light - Undead enemies that hit your shield are set ablaze as if they were in the sun.
      • Winds - Enemies that hit your shield are thrown backwards.
  • The Finishing Anvil
    • This new tool allows you to change your gear even more to suit your tastes. Putting in tools will let you change the designs of each part, while putting in armor will let you turn on and off various blocks to change its look.
    • Thanks to Shadowclaimer the Finishing Anvil is greatly expanded with tool designs from Metallurgy 5!