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Time & wind is a minecraft mod for changing length of day and night

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Required both on client and server


If you encounter any issues please report them on issue tracker


Quick setup guide: (click)


For more detailed information visit project wiki


Note: Custom configuration for dimensions that have fixed time will obviously not work. In Vanilla you can only configure custom time length for overworld, but if you have modded dimensions without fixed time you will be able to set custom time length for them and it will work.


This mod also patches getSkyAngle method in order to make day and night length even since in vanilla day is a little bit longer than night. This can be disabled in config file.


How does mod works:

Using mixin mod redirects call to setTime in tickTime method passing control to custom ticker method. That means you don't need to set game rule doDayLightCycle to false for this mod to function.

For further information you can check this package on github





Modpack permission: Very yes